From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 7:25 AM

Querida familia,

Wow. It has come. I can´t even believe that it came so fast. It truly is a bittersweet. I can´t begin to describe how a missionary feels knowing that this great calling will be removed and that the time is over. But the mission continues. Just with other rules and requirements.

This past week I have been working so hard. But the Lord truly blessed us. This week was amazing; truly amazing.

For this week we tried really hard to integrate our investigator Marcel. It was great. We started with a family night with a member that is almost his next door neighbor. It was great, for he stayed talking with them until 10 he told us! It was great. Then he continued to meet other members. Then we had another family night on Thursday that was fantastic! This one was about the Book of Mormon in which we showed a part of the Testaments. It was great. Then his day arrived on Saturday. He was baptized. What a great experience. It was amazing because he was so happy. It was a great day. Then it got even better when he showed up to church with his new family home teacher wearing church clothes that were a present for him!! It was amazing!!

Sunday was really special because I was able to witness Peterson (the young man who we baptized in March) blessing the sacrament!! It was amazing. I know that if he continues he will serve a mission!! Wow what a great experience.

The mission was an experience that I will never forget. It has truly shaped me into a better person. I have come to understand truly what keeping the commandments is. And what it means to be a faithful servant. It’s not easy; never will be, but the blessings that come to the diligent servant are innumerous. The blessings only come when one becomes a devout follower of the gospel of Christ. The blessings received form a testimony that reaffirms the foundation of a firm belief in our rock and redeemer Jesus Christ.

From Campos, Rio de Janeiro to Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, to Cariacica, Espírito Santo, to Jardim Limoeiro, Espírito Santo to Cachoerio de Itapemirim, Espírito Santo, to Vila Velha, and Espírito Santo –its been an unforgettable journey; a journey that has enabled me to witness how the gospel heals the wounded soul. The Gospel is real and it is truly a rewarding life style. One we chose and one can we apply everyday.

My mission was not easy but was well worth it. The joy of seeing a child of God entering into the waters of baptism to make a sacred covenant to abandon all sin and become clean through the power of the atonement has marked my life. The friendships I made will eternally be remembered. I pray that those that I have helped continue in the path and never give up.

I love Heavenly Father and I Love His Son Jesus Christ. For through Him we are healed and through His sacrifice we gain joy in this life and the eternal reward in the life to come.

I know that Joseph Smith was as prophet of God. He died to put forth the church of Christ again on the earth and through him we have another testament of the Living Christ. I know that today we have a living prophet. He is guiding this church under the direction of the Lord and as we follow him we follow Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

It has been a great two years. I hope you all have had a great experience and have enjoyed the ride as you have all supported me and prayed for me in these past two years. I thank you all and give my appreciation from the bottom of my soul. Truly with out you all I would not have continued forward.

Eternally grateful e Com Amor,

Elder Fischer
p.s. See you all on Thursday!!! It’s unreal. I still don´t believe it.

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It's great to see missionary work on blogs! I served in the Singapore Mission back in 2002-2004. Now I'm living in Malaysia with my wife and daughter.

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