What's Up Dog?

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 11:24 AM

Querida Família! BOA TARDE!!!!

It sounds like the U.S. this winter hás been hit with a cold spell! Im glad to say its the opposite here! Haha its cookin´ here in Brazil! At times the heat gets to me (we don´t have AC,--but no one does except in the church and the bank! Haha) But, really the sun is great!! Sounds like the inaugration was a huge event! Its great that we made history! Lets hope the future will be prosperous for all!

This week was crazy.

We have been preparing some great investigators for batism. Im so happy for these two.. Its a mom named Alexandra, and her daughter Sará. They are very special. Really meeting them and sharing the gospel with them hás been a great blessing and wonderful oppertnuity. They have made friends with the couple that got married and baptized during the begining of this month. Wow. The gospel is real!

O i also recived a bunch of missionties from you all! Thanks !! Its funny because they come in bunches. I got one before you guys (mom and dad) went to colorado and when you were there. The mail system is delayed. The pictures. Well, i think they are wayyy backlogged or something because i recived two pictures.. One of the deck and the kitchen. Looks great! J Im sad to say good bye to that house! I have such great memories. Im so glad to have you all. Really, i feel blessed to have the family I do. Getting letters from you all truly makes my day. I feel so blessed that we can truly live together forever!

This coming week (Tuesday, the 3rd )we have conference in Macaé. Transfers are the 18th of February. Im excited to see what will happen. O i found out that my last companion is with Elder Maier in Fonseca-niteroi! (a city outside of Rio) Que legal!! (how cool!)..

O and Still im learning the language to awnser your question. It really is a difficult thing. But, i know that through the Lord anything is possible. I have already felt His blessings and the help He hás blessed me with. But please, pray for me!

Well i hope you all have a great week! Remeber that when times look gloomy things will turn out right in the end. Have hope, have faith. Remeber the talk given by Utcdorf in conference. `´Esperança!! Continue to do what is right, for the righetous shall not fear. We are all truly blessed to have the truth and the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That we know that The Chruch of Jesus Christ was restored. That we know we have a prophet on the earth today just like Adam, Moses, or Noah. We have the truth. We need to be the beacon of light for others. We need to be steadfeast, faithful, and virtous. We need to be na example becuase as members, we represent His Church. Mom, i liked the quote you sent about our days that The Church hás never been so organized and strong on the earth before, but also the adversary and his army too, have never been so strong. WE are the Army. We need to wear are ARMOR!! I wish you all the best! . Have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wed 1/21/09 6:42 AM

Querido Familia, Como Vocês Estão?!

Sounds like everyone is working and keeping busy. Thats crazy news about the house market. I never would have guessed that you will rent the house for 1 year. Does that mean that your going to live alone for 1 year? I haven´t received the missiontie. I think there having problems. I haven´t recived pictures from them in ages! You might want to send them a note. But, i did recive the recipie missiontie. haha. I can´t really cook any of those things here in brazil. They don´t have yellow cake mix, lots of peanut butter, or powdered sugar..or i heard they do but you have to buy it at a specialty store or something. Crazyness.!

But, anyways my week passed bye once again fast. It has really warmed up here. Reallly warmed up. I don´t know how hot it is, but in our house in the shade its about 80 degrees with humidity. Outside..thats another story. But, i actually prefer the beating sun rather than the pouring rain and flooded streets hahaha.. i remeber one day we were wading through the streets and the water was about 6 inches above my ankels HAHAHAH.. good times. Truly the mission brings some of the most interesting expereinces. I would not trade it for anything. Well, on to more. We have been teaching some great investigators. Im just praying they will continue to go to Church and continue to progress with the committments ( read, pray).. Its amazing to an investigator truly see that The same church of Jesus Christ ancienlty is upon the earth today. That really, the authority and the Power of God is upon the earth. That in these days we have a prophet, like Moses, Noe, and Abraham. This past Sunday i had the oppertnuity to watch the fireside by Thomas S. Monson. What an inspiring person and prophet of God. I couldn´t understand everything he said in Portguese, but knew what he was saying was the true. The spirit was there. I especially enjoyed the story about the Missionary in Germany. Trully everything happens for a reason.

Talking about Germany, its funny because here in brazil, tons of people think im German. ahaha It makes me laugh.

O And on Monday we had a Zone Conference. We were informed that instead of doing contacts on the street and each missionary having a goal. We will now do ´´conversations´´ together as a companionship and have one goal. Its different. But, whats amazing is that really our mission president recevies revelation. And that really all of the changes he has made on the mission are for a reason. This truly is the work of the Lord.

Well another week is starting. I hope you all will have a great week and remember that no matter how busy we are we need to make time to read the scriptures. Even if its just a couple versus. WE need to get a ´´reboot´´ of spritual fuel and put on the armor of God. I Love you all very much! Keep me updated!! Send pictures!!! well maybe not thorugh missionties becuase i havent recived any if forever from them ahha:)

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive. Realmente, Ele é nosso Salvador, Redentor, e Irmão mais velho. Ele ama cada um de nos e eu sei que através dele nós podemos ser limpos de nossos pecados e sobrepujar qualquer problema nós temos em nossas vidas. Eu sei que revelação pessoal é real. Todo Mundo pode receber. Mas, Nós precisamos buscar e orar e realmente nós vamos achar. Como Jose Smith, Quando nós temos perguntas em nossas vidas, nós precisamos perguntar Deus! Até Mais e Com Amor!!! Bom Trabalho esta semana!!!!""!
From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 6:09 AM

Querido Família,

This week hás gone bye fast. This week i got to know my new companion. Hes from the South of Brazil (seems like a large amount of missionaries in my mission live there). Hes a hard worker. Im glad, becuase we will be able to do some good!

Here it hás started to warm up. I can´t believe how hot it gets here. But, im enjoying the sun and slowly turning into an indian. Haha (don´t worry mom im using suncreen)

This past week we have been teaching this amazing lady. The first time we taught her it was great. And the second and third time really showed how great she is and hás been waiting for the gospel. Im so exicted for her. Shes a single mom with 2 kids. One lives with her. She such a great lady. I hope all will go well this Sunday. Rodrigo and Angélica the recent converts are going to help her come to church. I hope all góes well. I want the best for this lady. Its amazing how much i have come to love the brazilian people. That when one of our brothers or sisters is interested and is sincerly seeking for the truth, i feel such a strong desire that they will continue to search and follow the gospel. What a great blessing it is, to witness Heavenly Father´s childeren accpeting the gospel of His beloved Son.

There wasn´t that much new this week. It was pretty basic. Just helping my new companion get use to the área. Next transfer, I will most likely be transfered. Its interesting becuase Presidente Pickett said that missionaries will be staying in áreas now for about 6 months. Crazy! Ahh..i wonder where my next área will be.

Well, it sounds like your getting everything planed out for moving. What a great new adventure. Though, i will miss our house L That just means your going to have to find another great one J Keep me updated with photos!! I recived a Christmas letter from the Briggs family. What great suprise it was. They are really my other family. It was great to hear from them!

O and mom to anwser your question what Pai means. Pai means father. Your trainer is known as your father on the mission. Haha. Well, i hope you all have a great week. It sounds like everyone is keeping busy. Keep me updated! Love you all much and hope your all staying on course to achieve those new goals you all set for this new year J !! Keep reading the scriptures. Really, reading the scriptures will start your day off right and you will come to feel the peace and happiness of the Holy Ghost.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

Querido Família

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 10:17 AMT

Querido Família, Esta semana foi ótima!

There was so much that happened!

To start off, New years was really lame though. We had to return to our house one hour early. And we did nothing. I went to bed before midnight. haha. It was to say the least. Boring. And the days around it were really slow. Almost everyone went to the beach. The roads were deserted!

But, then the week became great. Two of our investigators, Rodrigo and Angelica were married and baptized. This made the whole family members! It was such a great experience; The spirit was strong. Im so grateful for experiences like this. It was a blessing to see the gospel actually becoming a family´s desire.On sunday they bore their testimonies. ITs expereinces like this that truly make the mission. Experiences like this make me love the brazilian people even more. Truly we are all Heavenly Father´s Childeren. We all need the truth and we all must try to spread the truth. Mom, it sounds like you had a great experience with this. Its things like this that will unluck the shut harts of the unbelieving. I hope all goes well with that man and his family.

Then we had transfers today! My companion got transfered. It was kinda sad to see him go. He is my ´´Pai.´´ But, he lives close to Aaron at CSU. My new companion is a BRAZILIAN!! Im really excited. He trained Elder Kilpatrick. I think though next transfer i will be transfered. There was a lot of missionaries transfered too! It will be good to meet other new people in our zone.

Well this week was a great one. I hope you are all doing well and have set some goals for this year. I know that as we set goals to grow in the gospel and put forth the effort to complete them, we can truly achive them throught the Lord. Our Heavenly Father loves us, and thats what this life is all about. A time to grow and gain more knowledge; What a better way than to set goals. I know this year will be full of all kinds of events. Mom and dad will move, Casch will have his first birthday! Its going to be great. Thank you all for all that you have done for me, I love you all very much! Continue to pray for me please!! :)

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

p.s. Niki,I got ur present! Thanks so much. Its a great frame and photo. Gifts like this are priceless! Thanks!! Love you!


From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 5:01 AM

Querida Familia, Bom Dia de Brasil!
Tudo bem? Eu espero que sim!

This week was crazy. There was so much that happened. I still can't believe that its already new years. First off, it was great talking to all of you. It went by so fast. L But, I loved every minute. Thanks for all being there. It was great. How was Christmas for you all? It sounded like plans took a bit of a change. Haha.After Christmas, the week flew bye. Its funny because our chapel does not have electricity something happened with the power. And we had a baptism. But, luckily it was early enough to avoid any problems. It was a great experience because I got to confirm Julia (the girl that was baptized), the first time. To say the least it was an experience I will not forget. That the power of the priesthood is real. That we have the truth, and that as members we truly are fighting a daily battle against evil. Here on the mission I have had some great experiences that testify that truly as there is truth and good, there is the adversary.Have any plans for new years? We have to return home an hour early because of the parties. Haha. Tomorrow will be our p-day. I'm really excited though for this week because we have been blessed to help two of our investigators become married and baptized this weekend. It's a great privilege because they are a special family. Their daughters are already baptized. This couple truly is a blessing. And I know Angelica, the mother, will be a great member. I spoke of her testimony she bore a couple weeks ago. What a great example for our investigators.Well as you know, transfers are next week (7 de Janeiro). I´m almost 100% sure that I will stay. My companion has 1 more transfer than me here. And we both have lots of time in Campos. But, what ever is to be will be. Also, I received the letters from our ward Christmas Party. I feel so grateful. Getting mail is something that is well, amazing. It makes my day. It makes me feel that someone took a little time out of their day to remember me. Thank you to everyone that wrote me! You will never know the impact you have from sending a letter to a missionary. Let the Lord bless you all for helping one missionary feel more loved and remember the ward that he comes from. Thank you, thank you!Well family, I hope you all have a great week. Enjoy the opportunity to reflect on this past year and make a new years resolution. Set a goal to make a difference. To become closer to our Savior, to grow your understanding of the Gospel, to go to the temple more frequently and feel the peace that will come. I pray and hope all will work out for all of you. This year will be full of events and I wish you all the best!

Com Amor,

Elder Fischer