From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 6:09 AM

Querido Família,

This week hás gone bye fast. This week i got to know my new companion. Hes from the South of Brazil (seems like a large amount of missionaries in my mission live there). Hes a hard worker. Im glad, becuase we will be able to do some good!

Here it hás started to warm up. I can´t believe how hot it gets here. But, im enjoying the sun and slowly turning into an indian. Haha (don´t worry mom im using suncreen)

This past week we have been teaching this amazing lady. The first time we taught her it was great. And the second and third time really showed how great she is and hás been waiting for the gospel. Im so exicted for her. Shes a single mom with 2 kids. One lives with her. She such a great lady. I hope all will go well this Sunday. Rodrigo and Angélica the recent converts are going to help her come to church. I hope all góes well. I want the best for this lady. Its amazing how much i have come to love the brazilian people. That when one of our brothers or sisters is interested and is sincerly seeking for the truth, i feel such a strong desire that they will continue to search and follow the gospel. What a great blessing it is, to witness Heavenly Father´s childeren accpeting the gospel of His beloved Son.

There wasn´t that much new this week. It was pretty basic. Just helping my new companion get use to the área. Next transfer, I will most likely be transfered. Its interesting becuase Presidente Pickett said that missionaries will be staying in áreas now for about 6 months. Crazy! Ahh..i wonder where my next área will be.

Well, it sounds like your getting everything planed out for moving. What a great new adventure. Though, i will miss our house L That just means your going to have to find another great one J Keep me updated with photos!! I recived a Christmas letter from the Briggs family. What great suprise it was. They are really my other family. It was great to hear from them!

O and mom to anwser your question what Pai means. Pai means father. Your trainer is known as your father on the mission. Haha. Well, i hope you all have a great week. It sounds like everyone is keeping busy. Keep me updated! Love you all much and hope your all staying on course to achieve those new goals you all set for this new year J !! Keep reading the scriptures. Really, reading the scriptures will start your day off right and you will come to feel the peace and happiness of the Holy Ghost.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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