From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 7:32 AM

Querido Familia,

This week is crazy. I was transfered. It was an emergency transfer. Actually it was really weird becuase we got a call on Sunday night and they were like, "Elder Larsen, your companion has been transfered to Espirito Santo". It was a shock. So on Monday I packed up my bags and I headed to the bus station in Rio at 5:00 p.m. There were a bunch of other missionaries there too. It was crazy. I think there was probably 20 missionaries transfered. And I was transfered to Espirito Santo!! Some people think that the president is moving people around before the mission changes. I guess, who knows! I just hope that I stay in Espirito Santo. I want to stay with the president. I heard the mission change will take place the 1st of July. Ahh... But, we caught our bus at 10:30 pm that night and we travelled all during the night arriving at the bus station at 6:15 a.m. YIKES! It was not fun. Didn´t even sleep much. Right now I'm in a place called Cariacica. I live with just my companion named, Elder Fredline. He's from Michigan. He's the LZ of our zona. I think this transfer is going to be good. Our church I guess is beautiful. It's huge. I will take pictures. But yea, this is the highlight of the week.

Conference is going to be next Tuesday. Im hoping that I get my contacts. Also, another update, today we are going to this Chocolate Factory. Its supplies all of Brazil. Actually that really good chocolate that I sent to you guys for Christmas is from there, its the Goroto chocolate. It should be really good. Its only 8 reais to enter!! It should be cool. Its located in Vitoria I think, or Vilha Vela. I going to meet up with the Vitoria zone. Justin is the junior of the LZ too just like me. It should be good.

That's great to hear about your trip. I can´t belive I wont see Jarett for 3 years. Thats crazy.

Ya, I think i will make a cd soon. After this week or something. I never did get to take a picture of my old church (house with a bar and a pool). Dang it. Haha. But other than this I don´t know what to say. I'm in a new area and I'm excited to find new people to hear the gospel. I just know there are people waiting to hear this message. The Lord knows each an everyone of us. That's just it. We need to remeber that we have our trials so that we can become humble and arrive closer to Him. It is through His beloved Son that we can turn our doubts and sadness into stregths. I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer


Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, May 20, 2009 9:27 AM

Querido Familia,

This week passed so fast. On Wednesday we went to MAC. That really cool art museum. It was fun. The art inside is really strange, but the building was really cool.

But the rest of week we have been having a hard time getting in and teaching. It's been a difficult week. The bonus though was on Saturday; we met someone who seems elect. His name is Reginaldo. After knocking almost all of the doors on this long street, and having a security guard tell us that no one would open the doors, a man standing outside of his house let us in. He said he never stands outside meditating, but this day he did. He accepted everything, and is very smart. He said something like our message was an answer to his prayers. Dont remember everything exactly, but basically it was a huge blessing. Really the Lord does care. He watches over His children.

I pray that we can change whatever we need to, to find more people. This coming week we have our conference in Andarai, Rio! It should be good.

That's great to hear about Jaret´s call. What a great experience it's going to be for him. Ya its too bad that he is not going to Brazil. Ahha. I wanted to talk with him in Portuguese but, even though I still think that maybe we can communicate. Hah.

This week nothing too exciting happened. The same old same old. I was thinking about listing 10 things different in Brazil:

1. They literally eat beans and rice every day
2. Basically they don't have peanut butter
3. Chicken hearts are popular during bbq
4. They throw toilet paper in the toilet
5. When there is a hole in the road they throw garbage, i.e. trees, chunks of wood. Haha it's the funniest thing
6. Gasoline is really expensive 2,49 per liter 3.7 +- equals 1 gallon..imagine
7. Farofa is a flour that you can mix in. It's a root that they mix with seasons its amazing you eat with beans an rice. The u.s. doesn´t have it
8. Motorcycles drive in between the lanes. Its nuts. I actually saw a man on a bike get hit 2 weeks ago. He almost landed right in front of us. They were going pretty slow, but he got injured. No blood. The best part was that the taxi driver who was involved drove off.
9. The stores don´t have a cold drinks sections.
10. Churches don´t pay taxes in brazil!!! That's why there are billions on every corner!!! ha ha

Well I hope you guys have a fun safe time at Candice´s. I hope you all have a great week. Please pray for me with the language. Love you all much! I know that this church is true. Jesus Christ is our savior and light. He died for us, resurrected for us, He is our example!!

Amo voces,
Elder Fischer


From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 9:12

Querido Familia,

It was so great to talk to you all on Sunday. /I can´t believe I only have two more calls. I have almost reach the half way point of my mission. The time has been really flying by. There is isn´t to much that I can write since I talked to you all 3 days ago. The work is still going,. This area is a little hard. Me and my companion are having hard time find people. Our are is kinda of a beach area and now that the autumn has arrived things I think has slowed down a lot. But, its part of the work. Just got to keep going nêm?

Well I hope you are all doing great. Im excited to hear where Jaret is going to serve? Tell me as soon as you know! Well hope you all have a great week!

Eu amo vocês!Elder Fischer

ps: Thanks mom for everything that you have done for me. I didn't get to really thank you.. /I mean it was mothers day!! Time is just flying! But, really I just want you to know that really you are very important in my life. I know that you were pre-ordained to be my mother. You would know what to say, what to do, and how to act to situations in my life. For this you are my mother. For this I feel so grateful. Truly the Lord has blessed me with a mother that is strong in the gospel, virtuous, and heads the counsel of the Lord. I love you so much. I will never forget the help and guidance that I have received from you. You have made the difference in my life. You have guided me in the direction of truth, and yet given me the chance to know of it for my self. You are the best mother I could ever have asked for. And for this I always pray in thanks for the mother, mom, and mãe (mother in Brazilian), the Lord has blessed me with. I hope you had a great mothers day and wish the best! -Love Elder Fischer

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 1:07 PM

Querido família, Boa Tarde do Brasil!

This week flew bye again. But man this week was filled with events. First off my companion went to Rio on Monday night to renew his visa. So another person from my comapions group who is was in Cabo Frio, came to rio also to review his vista and I worked in my area with his companion. It was good. I crossed that big famous bridge that you can see on that crosses the bay guarabara (the huge bay in rio) 4 times between Monday and Tuesday. It was fun haha Then on Tuesday something happened with my nose. I think it was a zit or an ingrown hair sorry for the details. But it got infected and turned into a mess. I will send photos another day. But, man was it bad. I talked with the mission doctor in Sao Paulo and I have been taking antibiotic. It has almost completely healed. Blessing.

Then this Sunday it was great. One of our best investigators was baptized. Irmão Luzia. An elderly woman who use to frequent the maranata church, (I guess this church sings lots of hymns) But ya, She is great. She such an example of scripture study. She has been religiously studying the bible, the Book of Mormon, and the gospel principles manual and now the liahoha we gave her. She just loves the church. Really she was such a blessing to find. She is an example that there are people that are truly elect and waiting. The field really is ready to be harvest. We knocked on her door. She accepted everything. Quit smoking and drinking coffee about 22 years ago due to her health (her doctor said she couldn´t consume these addicting susbstance any more) She was truly prepared. What a blessing. Her baptism was great. The president of the branch baptized her. Its great because she has already made some friendships.

Well as for transfers Im still her in piratininga, Niterói, rio de Janeiro!But it will be great. Just keep sending those missionties to the same address haha

Well I hope you all have a great week!! Im excited to talk to you all this Sunday!!!

Eu amo vocês!!

Elder Fischer