From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 7:32 AM

Querido Familia,

This week is crazy. I was transfered. It was an emergency transfer. Actually it was really weird becuase we got a call on Sunday night and they were like, "Elder Larsen, your companion has been transfered to Espirito Santo". It was a shock. So on Monday I packed up my bags and I headed to the bus station in Rio at 5:00 p.m. There were a bunch of other missionaries there too. It was crazy. I think there was probably 20 missionaries transfered. And I was transfered to Espirito Santo!! Some people think that the president is moving people around before the mission changes. I guess, who knows! I just hope that I stay in Espirito Santo. I want to stay with the president. I heard the mission change will take place the 1st of July. Ahh... But, we caught our bus at 10:30 pm that night and we travelled all during the night arriving at the bus station at 6:15 a.m. YIKES! It was not fun. Didn´t even sleep much. Right now I'm in a place called Cariacica. I live with just my companion named, Elder Fredline. He's from Michigan. He's the LZ of our zona. I think this transfer is going to be good. Our church I guess is beautiful. It's huge. I will take pictures. But yea, this is the highlight of the week.

Conference is going to be next Tuesday. Im hoping that I get my contacts. Also, another update, today we are going to this Chocolate Factory. Its supplies all of Brazil. Actually that really good chocolate that I sent to you guys for Christmas is from there, its the Goroto chocolate. It should be really good. Its only 8 reais to enter!! It should be cool. Its located in Vitoria I think, or Vilha Vela. I going to meet up with the Vitoria zone. Justin is the junior of the LZ too just like me. It should be good.

That's great to hear about your trip. I can´t belive I wont see Jarett for 3 years. Thats crazy.

Ya, I think i will make a cd soon. After this week or something. I never did get to take a picture of my old church (house with a bar and a pool). Dang it. Haha. But other than this I don´t know what to say. I'm in a new area and I'm excited to find new people to hear the gospel. I just know there are people waiting to hear this message. The Lord knows each an everyone of us. That's just it. We need to remeber that we have our trials so that we can become humble and arrive closer to Him. It is through His beloved Son that we can turn our doubts and sadness into stregths. I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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