Espirito Santo

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 7:52 AM

Querida Familia,

Well another flew bye!! The time is just going by so fast. Now that I have a week in my area it's been great to get to know people from my ward. Actually my ward has a huge chapel. I have attached some pictures of it. And we have some great people in my ward, the bishop is way cool and his wife. But ya, this area is not very pretty but I'm glad I'm here in Espirito Santo. The people are so nice here and open which is completely different than in Rio. And there was conference yesterday. It was so great. I got to see so many people from my district from the MTC. Justin was there. It was cool. I didn't bring my camera but he did and I told him to post the photos on his blog or send them to mom. Keep an eye out for them mom. But ya, the conference was really good. We talked on the importance of teaching with members. Our mission has been taking a new approach. We are trying to utilize the members, because really the baptisms that are referred from the members stay active. It's proven.

My week was good. Today I Will have my interview with Presidente, which is always really good. Besides this there isn´t tôo much happening. My companion is pretty cool. He use to be the secreatary for the Mission; President likes this kid a lot. So I'm hoping we will work good together.

Oh about the Portuguese in your last letter mom; that was awesome getting paragraphs in Portuguese from your co-worker. There were some words that were out of my vocabulary, but I understood it. It was great. I Love Portuguese. It's funny because in Portuguese they write so much more formal than they speak.
It sounds like you guys are all doing great. Aaron sounds like He hás been blessed a lot. Thats awesome. And casey also, wow. What a great job experience it would be. Oh following up about the conference. We had it in vitoria it was great. That city is Nice. The chapel is minutes from this great beach. It's cool because it looks like a smaller Rio or at least I think. Mom, ask your coworker about it. Haha

Well I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy those pictures I sent. This lan house we use is the best I have ever seen in Brazil. Blessing! Keep me updated.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

Hey here's my address:
Rua: Vicente Santorio, 37
Campo Grande
Itaquari, Espírito Santo
29146-470 Brazil

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