From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 7:54 AM

Querida Família,

New Vitoria Mission address for mailing packages:
Rua João Batista Parra, 633 Sala 1501
Enseada do Suá
Vitória-ES-29050-330 Brazil

Another week flew bye. I got your thanks!! They were great. I cant believe that Brock is off on the mission already. And the e-mail from Talmage was really great. Wow were all so old.

Well there isn't too much that's new with me. We have been teaching this 12 year girl that hás been going to church with her mom. Her mother was baptized in '98 I think or '94... but it was a long time ago. She had been feeling like something was missing in her life; even though she was going to another church. It's interesting because she would go to church and her husband would tell her it didn't even seem like they went because they would all come home yelling and arguing. But she came to church 2 Sundays ago, and to say the least, she remembered that there is a true church. She broke down saying how good Sunday was. She knows that going to church can save her family. And the girl we have been teaching, Linara, she is so intelligent. I was shocked. She would ask questions like why did Jesus get baptized if He was perfect? Or what is virtue? Wow, she is great. It's interesting because the first time she went to church (2 weeks ago) she said that she wanted to baptized that day. Her mom said that the only time she went was when she was in a stroller. She wondered if we thought that their early experience then might have had an influence on her now? It's crazy. Really the Lord hás His hand in this work. We have been blessed a lot.

Everything hás a purpose, and the Field really is White. Jesus is the Christ and taught the truth. This truth is being taught again throughout the world. All over Brasil (shout to Bryan), to Florida (shout out to Kevin), all the way to Belgium (shout out to Tad) ha-ha!!

This is the marvelous work and Wonder that is happening that was prophesied. And we have the power and authority of God on the Earth again. We have the truth. Nothing is going to stop us. Only our wrong choices will weaken us. We must stay firm, we must fight. This is an eternal battle, and we are the defenders of truth.

Let us be an example. Let us show the world that we have something different in our lives, that we live the way the Lord taught, and that we are members of His Church.

I hope that you all have a great week. It sounds like your all doing great. I pray that it continuesJ Keep sending me updates in mission ties J I Love hearing from you guys. It looks like it takes about 7-8 days for me to get them.

Com Amor, Elder Fischer

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