Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, July 01, 2009 7:00 AM

Querida Família,

Today is the first Day of Mission Vitória, Brasil!!!! And tommorrow I make one year on the mission!!! Wow hás the time passed. I still can´t believe how the time just goes. I'm super excited for the conference we are going to have on the 14th of July!! We are going to kick off our mission with sucess!Well back to this week. This week was crazy. We had been preparing Linara (the 12 year old smart girl) for baptism. It was a great. We were blessed also to help perform her baptism this Sunday. It was great. Her father, who is a less active, came. Actually it was kinda funny because when He showed up He asked if He could sing a song for his daughter. We Said, ya sure. Haah. It was kinda of funny. It was kinda of evangelical music and He went on and on singing and talking 30 mintues with his guitar. It would have been great IF He would have just kept it shorter and would not have yelled out so much J; but, nonetheless, it was a great baptism. It was special because the Bishop baptized her. I Love when the members baptize. It's just so much better. They get to see the person who baptised them every Sunday. That was the highlight of the week.

Then my companion got sick. We think Dengue Fever. He was sick Saturday until yesterday. It was pretty bad. I was locked in the apartment going nuts without music!! I just couldn´t read anylonger. I think I have ADD. Haha.

But there isn´t tôo much news this week. Oh and i recived all of your mission tiés! How great it was to see you guys. Mom and dad, wow losing weight like crazy! Thats terrific! Keep me updated! Oh and sounds like you guys hád a great Father´s Day! Happy fathers Day again dad!! And Niki, I loved the Picture you sent. It's hilarious all the Brazilians think you're black and they all love you. Ha ha! You would be a soap opera star here (soap operas are huge here)! Ha ha! Well I hope you guys have a great week. Sounds like everything is going good. Keep me updated. I Love hearing the smallest things!

I Just want you all to know that I love each one of you. I'm so grateful for the family that I have been given. The Love that you have for me and the guidance you give me. You are the examples to me. Really, we were chosen in the life before this one to be united here on the earth. We were called to be a family. And I AM so grateful that we are a family united in the truth with righteousness running in our veins. Let us never foret our purpose here. Let us never give up. We all have trials. We all difficulties, but throught the atoning sacrfice of our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we can overcome them. I know this is true. God cares. He loves us. He can guide us IF we let Him into our lives. Im striving everyday to let Him into my life, and pray that we can have the strength to never give up. We are here to succeed and not to fail.

Well I hope you are all doing great. Eu espero que vocês tenham uma boa semana e nunca se esqueçam do conhecimento da verdade temos em nossas vidas! Obrigado por tudo que vocês têm feito em minha vida!

Com Amor,
Élder Fischer

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