Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, July 08, 2009 6:47

Querida Familia

This week went by fast again. It was great to get your letter mom through missionties. The letter about your lesson you gave from the talk by Elder Holland. What a great way you taught! Really it was a great way to Interact the class. Sounds like you guys had a blast at eagle crest! Thats terrific! Im so excited for our adventures together in the future!

But, as for this week. It was great. We really have been siginificantly blessed by the Lord. We have been finding and reciving some really good references. Its amazing how powerful a member can be to a missionary. Really. We have started to teach a family that is incomplete. The parents have lived in the U.S. They actually have watched the pagent in Palymyra many times. And I think the father Said that He had been to the sacred groves 8 times!! Can you believe that! He's actually returning back to the church. It was through him we met the rest of his family (his wife and two daughters). Their family is awesome. We are teaching the 2 daughters (Paula 9 and Camilia 13). Its funny becuase the two girls were Born in the U.S.!! The first Americans I have met that don´t speak fluent english!!

We have also been teaching a friend of a member. Her name is Andrea. Wow she is a riot. She is hilarious and is searching for the truth. We played the Joseph Smith restoration film (20min) and she Said something like, "I know what Joseph Smith was doing. I feel like I have been searching´´. She grew up in the Jehovah witness church and left when she was about 15. She then went back and still didn´t like it. She hás already visited other churches and still hás not found the one. I pray that she feels the truth of the message that we have. It would change her life and she would be a great asset to the church! But really my companion and I have been extremely blessed recently. Wow.

But, this week I AM going to give a talk in church about missionary work. Wish me luck!

Oh and on Monday we had our interviews with president. Really President is such a great man inspired of God. I feel blessed to have stayed in this mission. Sister Pickett also is so great. They´re a riot together. But really, the Lord hás blessed me with some great leaders in my life. I truly feel blessed to have received the counsel over the years from these inspired men in the church of Savior Jesus Christ. Well, thats my week! I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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