Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, July 27, 2009 9:49
Querida Familia,
I dont have a lot of time this week. But I have been transfered. I don´t even know where yet! Haha... I'll let you all know next week!This week was great. We accomplished a lot of our goals. I was blessed! And one of our investigators that is a friend of a member came to our activity in the church. She loved it. She is really progessing and is finding interest in the Book of Mormon. She even askéd what part of the book is heavy for the people that need to change or something like that, and we told her about Alma 5. She liked what she heard and wanted to read it. She's a great person and even better, a good friend of a member! I'm excited for her.

I actually took pictures and have attached them in the e-mail. Last week it took too long to attach the fotos! Yikes! So, I sent some this week.
I'm anxious to see where I will be going and who will be my companion. It's always interesting. The mysteries of the mission.

Don´t have much to say I just wanted to thank you all for all the support you give. Really.. It is a strength that is indescribable! Thanks for eveything"!

Elder Fischer

Thanks for sending my meds and the everything mom! Love you much!

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