Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, August 10, 2009 6:52 AM

Querida família, This week flew bye. It was sure was interesting. That was a great letter from Lauren! Thanks. How cool. Sounds like shes great. Haha yea it sounds like everyone is getting married. Oh and i knew that Sherry´s son was going to mozambique. When does he leave?

Here's the update. Me and my companion have been blessed with some really great investigators. The down side is that a lot of them have to get married which takes about 40-60 days. L But luckily, we have been working with this one family Tamires and Emerson. Im really excited. They are married have 3 little kids and we got to know them through a member. They went to an activity we had at the church on Saturday. It was great. It was that actvity again called 'party in the country' or as I say 'party of the hicks' haha.. its funn. But the down side is that my camera is demolished.. L I dont know what happened I kept it in my backpack, which was with me the whole time and and when I took it out to use it at the activity the screen (LCD) was smashed.. It doesn´t even take pictures.. i don´t really know what im going to do.. L Oh well..

But it's been really great here. Im still trying to get the hang of things here in this new area. I hope that I can continue to improve in the language, the Lord has blessed me, and I know I can improve! Haha.. Aside from that, there isn't too much here. It's been really hot and sunny this week. I don´t even know how hot. But, Im liking it..I think I will live somewhere hot.hah..jk.

But really my companion and I have been blessed to find some really great people. I just hope that we can continue to find those that are ready to be baptized. I pray that Tamires and Emerson can continue to come to church and recognize the difference it makes in their lives. The Lord trully knows all of us individually. He knows our hearts and gives us the chances to change our lifes. But we have the choice, to accept and follow with faith, or remain in the doubt and follow the natural man. I know with out a doubt that this Church is the Church of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. He loves us, and wants us to return to live with Him. But, we must choose to follow, or no,.. yes it is by the small steps that lead us to the eternal gift of Salvation.

I hope you all have a great week. Please continue to pray for me. And never forget the influence you can make in one's life. As Tiana, our professor of the gospel and Princples class said, we need to be charitable. Lets decide this week to help someone out and make a diference. We are the examples.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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Elder, keep up the great work. Good to see the sacrifice.

Josh Jackson
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