From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 9:23 AM

Querido Famìlia,

This transfer flew bye. Wednesday we have transfers. I will be getting a new companion. My companion is finishing his mission. Crazy. Im a little worried because im still getting use to my area.

It sounds like everything is going well. And mom, it sounds like those classes were great for you (and dad haha). Keep that book on writing!!

This week has been a little crazy. We had a division this week. I went to Niteroi. It went good. Its cool because I got to see that famous meuseum on the beach. The bus we took drove past it haha. I want to go there. Actually today we were all suppose to play soccer (our zone and another zone) in a stadium in Rio today and then go visist that world famous stadium in Rio after. But, nobody prewarned the president, so it was cancelled. Lamme.. But o well. General conference is arriving. I'm really excitied. I hope i get to watch it in english. We will see. This time i don´t think so..

Well i hope you are all doing great. We need to remember to trust in the Lord. I read a scripture really good in Alma 38:5. It writes how we will receive help in our trials but we need to remember to trust in the Lord. Yesterday when i was doing the divison we ate lunch at this eldery couple´s house. It was interesting becuase all of their three daughters married Americans and live in the U.S. But, what was interesting was what happened to one of their daughters. She had been married to her husband for 15 years. Then one day when they were at a lake, a doctor that was visiting the same lake noticed a spot on the husbands back. A large black spot. He advised him to go seek medical help. Turned out he had cancer. After trying to fight it off and his wife was carefully assisting him in every need, he passed away. Now she is a single mom with I think 4 kids. She works very hard tyring her best wokring as a house cleaner. Struggling to get by and taking a educational course she is trying to arrise above her situation. The church has signifcantly helped her in her situtaion. From this story I think to my self- each of us have trials. We don´t know when we will pass away and for this reason we need to be prepared. -Spirtually, physcially, and financially. The prepared need not fear. The Lord will lighten our burdens. He extends his hand to the repented

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer
From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:20 AM

Querido família
Boa Tarde de Brasil

Wow! This week hás already past. Time is going by fast. Only two more weeks of this transfer! Its intersesting. I was happy when I recived the letters from missionties. Thanks!! It was great to see fotos and hear from you guys. I was so happy when I heard Ryan Hung is accepting the discussions. I have given him as a reference many times already to the missionaries and he has accepted; It will move his life and help him understand where his mother is! Thanks for the update Also, the talk that you sent from John Groberg was phenomenal. It was something I needed to hear and read. It really was inspired and had great principles we can use in our lifes. Especially what he said about faith and confidence and how he told about the miracles by Jesus Christ. What a great talk. Thank you!

This week good. The conference was great. Presidente Didier came to our conference and his wife and his mother-in law. I don´t know if you remember but they visited when I was in the ctm. What what testimonies they have especially his wife and mother-in law. She told how the missionaries came to their house and taught them and they felt something different. The missionaries helped her father realize the blessings that come from quiting smoking as her father was resting in the hospital waiting to die. He had been in a german prison and was badly treated. The doctors said he wouldn´t live long. But the missionaries came and gave them hope. He quit smoking and they gave him a blessing that he would not die but live in peace; the family was baptized and he did not die and lived 30 more years. That was the power of God. It was a great conference.

This week I read something interesting in the book of Alma. I have already read this story many times, but as I reread this story I felt something different. The power of sacrifice the power of obedience and the blessings that come when we give all including our lives to the Lord. This story is in Alma 23-24. This is when the laminates had been converted ( 7 lands actually ) to the gospel because of Aaron Himni, omini and others. They took upon the name anti-nephi-lehis. They swore to never kill again and they buried their weapons in the earth. But the laminates were coming against them to kill them. But what did they do? They realized the covenant they entered and decided to die for the Lord. They went out to meet the laminates, sat on the ground and prayed to the Lord, calling upon Him. Yet, the laminates came upon them and slaughtered them. What faith the anti-nephi-lehis had. They showed power and, these valiant souls entered into the Kingdom of God. They were obedient, they were righteous, they endured, and they offered their lives to the Lord. I think of things we sacrifice to the Lord. But do we give all we can to the Lord and submit to His counsel. Would we follow the Gospel unto Death? This story is a great example of the Faith that one needs, and how we as members need to follow the Lord with out doubt.

Also I read in Alm 26:37 about how God is ´´mindful´´ of everyone. We are His children. He knows our trials. He loves us. And knows what is Best. At times i think, how can i get through the trials in my life. Or when will one trial end. But, we need to remember that God knows all, He knows when we can´t handle our burdens. He does lend a Hand.

I don´t have much time , but I would just like to thank each one of you for all that you do. You have strengthened me in ways unimaginable. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Fischer

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 7:24 AM

Querido Familia

Another week as gone bye. It seems like things are really taking a dive in the economy. That's depressing.

But look at the bright side. If the economy really takes a dive you can move here and you will 2 ½ times doublé your money!! Keep it in mind. We can live in niteroi. Its totally amercanized. haha. O and i have not recived anything here. I hope it was the right address.

R: Olivia Lopes N: 22 AP 303
São Gonçalo, RJ24400-000

This week hás been pretty normal. I'm still trying to get to know my área. Im worried because my companion will leave after this transfer and I will be stuck in my area. Its stressful.

But on the brightside, on Friday we will have conference with Presidente Dider. He is the area president. He is very smart- he speaks I think more than 5 languages. Its going to be a great experience. Im excited.

Remember the power of prayer. We must remember to offer thanks in all thinks we have and pray in all our works. We are His children. He truly listens. Hes listening when we offer a prayer. He communicates with us through the Holy Ghost.

I just want to thank you all for everything you have all done in my life. I feel extremely blessed for the loved that I have felt from all of you. Truly family is a special thing. It gives hope to our life, and strengths us during our hard times. I love each one of you. Keep strong and I pray that the Lord may bless each and everyone of you in your trials. That he may bless you for the difference you have all made in my life.

Eu presto meu testemunho que eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive. Ele nos ama e é nosso salvador. Jesus Cristo sofreu por nossos pecados e nossos aflições. Ele realmente, conhece cada um de nos. Ele é nosso irmão mais velho, Ele é nosso redentor. Por meio dele, nos podemos ganhar salvação. Eu sei que esta Igreja, é a Igreja Dele. Apertado e estreito é o caminho dele, mas este caminho é o único caminho nos ganhamos vida eterna. Eu já tive experiências com o Espírito Santo. Eu tenho sentido o poder do Espírito Santo e eu não posso negar estas experiências com o Espírito Santo. Eu deixo este testemunho em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém.

TRANSLATION: Quick I my testify that I know that Jesus Christ lives. It loves in them and is our rescuer. Jesus Christ suffered for our sins and our afflictions. It really, knows each one of in. It is our older brother, It is our redentor. By means of it, in them we can gain salvation. I know that this Church, is the Church Of it. Pressed and narrow it is the way of it, but this way is the only way in them gains life perpetual. I already had experiences with the Espirito Santo. I have felt the power of the Espirito Santo and I cannot deny these experiences with the Espirito Santo. I leave this I testify on behalf of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thank you all for your prayers. They have made the difference on the mission. Please continue to pray for me.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer


From: Elder Jonathan Fischer Sent: Wed 3/04/09 10:22 AM

Querido Familia,


This week went by super fast. Its been interesting getting to know my area. To inform you all our mission has been going through some changes and has been having some trouble. So. President asked all to answer why we are here? I thought you all may enjoy.

Querido Presidente Why am I here as a missionary?

Pondering this question, many ideas come to mind. First I would like to tell you that I am hear because I know that this Church is the Church of Jesus Chirst. As members we have the duty to preach the gospel to all mankind. Being a missionary fulfills part of this promise. Second I am here because I know that the Lord has called me to serve. He has preordained me to serve this mission, Rio De Janeiro Norte. The Lord has called me and I must remember that this calling is really a calling from God. As D&C 64:34 writes, a missionary must be willing to serve;. I know that this is the key. As you spoke in the last conference. Our attidude is what makes the difference. Because when we have a desire we will follow the spirit. And this is the key. It is the only way to truly find the elects. Those that are waiting to receive the message that will bring the truth to their ears and let them see that once again the heavens have open, will be found only through following the spirit. I am here because I want to follow the Lord. At times I wonder what I am doing here in this country, but I remind my self that this is what the Lord wants. This experience is what the Lord wants. I have the choice and agency whether to use this time wisely or not, this is the Lord´s time. President, I know that Jesus Christ lives, He is our savior and redeemer. This is His Church, and I am a missionary and representative of His Church—The Only true church on the earth. This privellege is sacred. I bear my testimony that I am here because I know this Church is true, that this is what the Lord wants, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. ..:)

Anyways, this week went by really fast. My disease is gone. It’s a blessing. Thanks for your prayers. And I now have 8 months on the mission !!! I can´t believe it. Im scared I feel like I should knwo more. Things are going pretty good. This past week we had a baptism. It was a great experience to see somebody change their life. He had once lived a different life. Very different, but decided to change- realized he could be forgiven of his sins.

Also, I would like to thank you Mom and Dad for you testimony. The spriti was very strong when I was reading them. What a blessing it was. Thank you. Truly the gospel is real;. There isn´t words to explain the feeling that comes from following the truth and the feelings from the spirit; Its interesting because as I'm in another country==there are different things- the gospel and the holy ghost that confirms these truths are the same. Truly we are blessed. At times it is easy to forget the importance of this Church. But let's remember that there exists one church; And that there is opposition in all things. The Church of Christ, and the Church of the adversary. Thank you all for all that you do. I love hearing whats going on!

Love Elder Fischer
Eu amo vocês!!