From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:20 AM

Querido família
Boa Tarde de Brasil

Wow! This week hás already past. Time is going by fast. Only two more weeks of this transfer! Its intersesting. I was happy when I recived the letters from missionties. Thanks!! It was great to see fotos and hear from you guys. I was so happy when I heard Ryan Hung is accepting the discussions. I have given him as a reference many times already to the missionaries and he has accepted; It will move his life and help him understand where his mother is! Thanks for the update Also, the talk that you sent from John Groberg was phenomenal. It was something I needed to hear and read. It really was inspired and had great principles we can use in our lifes. Especially what he said about faith and confidence and how he told about the miracles by Jesus Christ. What a great talk. Thank you!

This week good. The conference was great. Presidente Didier came to our conference and his wife and his mother-in law. I don´t know if you remember but they visited when I was in the ctm. What what testimonies they have especially his wife and mother-in law. She told how the missionaries came to their house and taught them and they felt something different. The missionaries helped her father realize the blessings that come from quiting smoking as her father was resting in the hospital waiting to die. He had been in a german prison and was badly treated. The doctors said he wouldn´t live long. But the missionaries came and gave them hope. He quit smoking and they gave him a blessing that he would not die but live in peace; the family was baptized and he did not die and lived 30 more years. That was the power of God. It was a great conference.

This week I read something interesting in the book of Alma. I have already read this story many times, but as I reread this story I felt something different. The power of sacrifice the power of obedience and the blessings that come when we give all including our lives to the Lord. This story is in Alma 23-24. This is when the laminates had been converted ( 7 lands actually ) to the gospel because of Aaron Himni, omini and others. They took upon the name anti-nephi-lehis. They swore to never kill again and they buried their weapons in the earth. But the laminates were coming against them to kill them. But what did they do? They realized the covenant they entered and decided to die for the Lord. They went out to meet the laminates, sat on the ground and prayed to the Lord, calling upon Him. Yet, the laminates came upon them and slaughtered them. What faith the anti-nephi-lehis had. They showed power and, these valiant souls entered into the Kingdom of God. They were obedient, they were righteous, they endured, and they offered their lives to the Lord. I think of things we sacrifice to the Lord. But do we give all we can to the Lord and submit to His counsel. Would we follow the Gospel unto Death? This story is a great example of the Faith that one needs, and how we as members need to follow the Lord with out doubt.

Also I read in Alm 26:37 about how God is ´´mindful´´ of everyone. We are His children. He knows our trials. He loves us. And knows what is Best. At times i think, how can i get through the trials in my life. Or when will one trial end. But, we need to remember that God knows all, He knows when we can´t handle our burdens. He does lend a Hand.

I don´t have much time , but I would just like to thank each one of you for all that you do. You have strengthened me in ways unimaginable. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Fischer

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