From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 7:25 AM

Querida familia,

Wow. It has come. I can´t even believe that it came so fast. It truly is a bittersweet. I can´t begin to describe how a missionary feels knowing that this great calling will be removed and that the time is over. But the mission continues. Just with other rules and requirements.

This past week I have been working so hard. But the Lord truly blessed us. This week was amazing; truly amazing.

For this week we tried really hard to integrate our investigator Marcel. It was great. We started with a family night with a member that is almost his next door neighbor. It was great, for he stayed talking with them until 10 he told us! It was great. Then he continued to meet other members. Then we had another family night on Thursday that was fantastic! This one was about the Book of Mormon in which we showed a part of the Testaments. It was great. Then his day arrived on Saturday. He was baptized. What a great experience. It was amazing because he was so happy. It was a great day. Then it got even better when he showed up to church with his new family home teacher wearing church clothes that were a present for him!! It was amazing!!

Sunday was really special because I was able to witness Peterson (the young man who we baptized in March) blessing the sacrament!! It was amazing. I know that if he continues he will serve a mission!! Wow what a great experience.

The mission was an experience that I will never forget. It has truly shaped me into a better person. I have come to understand truly what keeping the commandments is. And what it means to be a faithful servant. It’s not easy; never will be, but the blessings that come to the diligent servant are innumerous. The blessings only come when one becomes a devout follower of the gospel of Christ. The blessings received form a testimony that reaffirms the foundation of a firm belief in our rock and redeemer Jesus Christ.

From Campos, Rio de Janeiro to Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, to Cariacica, Espírito Santo, to Jardim Limoeiro, Espírito Santo to Cachoerio de Itapemirim, Espírito Santo, to Vila Velha, and Espírito Santo –its been an unforgettable journey; a journey that has enabled me to witness how the gospel heals the wounded soul. The Gospel is real and it is truly a rewarding life style. One we chose and one can we apply everyday.

My mission was not easy but was well worth it. The joy of seeing a child of God entering into the waters of baptism to make a sacred covenant to abandon all sin and become clean through the power of the atonement has marked my life. The friendships I made will eternally be remembered. I pray that those that I have helped continue in the path and never give up.

I love Heavenly Father and I Love His Son Jesus Christ. For through Him we are healed and through His sacrifice we gain joy in this life and the eternal reward in the life to come.

I know that Joseph Smith was as prophet of God. He died to put forth the church of Christ again on the earth and through him we have another testament of the Living Christ. I know that today we have a living prophet. He is guiding this church under the direction of the Lord and as we follow him we follow Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

It has been a great two years. I hope you all have had a great experience and have enjoyed the ride as you have all supported me and prayed for me in these past two years. I thank you all and give my appreciation from the bottom of my soul. Truly with out you all I would not have continued forward.

Eternally grateful e Com Amor,

Elder Fischer
p.s. See you all on Thursday!!! It’s unreal. I still don´t believe it.


From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 7:13 AM

Querida família,

The time is flying bye!!! I still can´t believe it. Wow this week went by so fast; the time is literally slipping away. Wow. Here is a picture of our Sunday lunch! This family is so cool. They did churrasco. !!! yum yum yum churrasco is bbq.

This week was crazy. We have been teaching Marcel and preparing him for baptism for this Saturday. I pray that he continues strong to resist the temptations of the world. I know that the Lord will bless him as he does. Its interesting because he has been making the changes in his life so that he can take the step into making the sacred covenant of baptism. I know that the Lord is helping us tremendously. I pray that we can continue to help him as he prepares to become cleansed of sin.

Also this week we found a really cool investigator! His name is Kuan!! He is so cool. He went to church this Sunday with us and is really liking church. I pray that he prepares to so that he can be baptized on the 26th of this month. The work is growing here.

Yesterday it was great because the neighbor of Kuan is a less active returned missionary. This week we have been seeing out of the blue; every time I try to alert his senses to go to church. Well this Sunday we knocked on this door because we went to bring Kuan (his neighbor) to church. He was surprised ha ha he was like …Elders not today ahah and then later that day when we went to teach Kuan and he was leaving his house and I talked to him and he was like ´´you guys again ´´!! He told us he was leaving to do something and after talking he decided not to for he then invited us to come back at 7. We went there and it was great. The spirit was really working him and he said he would come to church with us this coming Sunday. Even though there isn´t someone in his house that could be baptized it was a great experience (for generally you only teach less actives if there is a chance of a baptism). But we were there to help a wounded soul come back to the truth!! It was powerful. He said that he will start reading the Book of Mormon today! It has been almost 6 years that he has read! This is the power of the Holy Ghost. It was a gratifying experience. And who knows he could help us baptize our investigator Kuan who is his neighbor! Were going to baptize and take everyone to church in that building where he lives! ha ha

I know that this is the true work of the Lord. The Lord loves us and I know as we do our part he rewards us immensely with so many blessings. We need to work hard and do our part even when it’s hard. Even when we think its not possible and it doesn’t seem like the light of hope is shining—for the Lord knows all. Trust in him and not the carnal man. We are the servants of the Lord. We must act as such.

I love the gospel. I love the peace that comes to the repented. I love the church of Christ the only true church that offers the tranquility to the wounded soul. This is the missionary work. I know that Christ lives and I pray that I will find the elects that are waiting for me this last week!!

Jesus é O Cristo, e a sua Igreja esta na terra novamente. Quão abençoados somos por sermos membros desta igreja. Eu sei que nós estamos vivendo nos últimos dias e que temos que fazer a nossa parte para que voltemos a viver com Deus. Temos que ser os faróis de luz! Temos que ajudar as pessoas a achegarem-se a Cristo! Espero que vocês tenham uma ótima semana! Daqui a pouco estarei ai! :)

Com Amor,

Elder Fischer


From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2010 7:06 AM
Querida família,

Wow. How the time passes. This week flew bye. I still can’t believe there is only 2 more weeks left!
Well this week we have been ´´running behind´´ Portuguese phrase (we have been working really hard). We were blessed to find an awesome investigator. For his name is Marcel. We met him on the street and invited him to come to our English class because he approached us speaking English. It was cool because this past Thursday was a holiday and we went to the church thinking no one would come and there he was. It was awesome. We then taught him after the class and wow, the spirit was so strong. It was like a strong warm wind. It was powerful. We then visited him again on Saturday and we marked a baptismal date for the 19th!! He accepted and said that he wants to change his life. We invited him to go to our stake conference which was held in another area really far away. He said he would go and find it (normally when people say that they will go alone they’re lying ha ha!). We arrived in the church and there was Marcel in the front row! It was great; then the conference- WOW, it was fantastic.

During the conference apostle Elder D. Todd Christopherson spoke through satellite! It was so cool. He speaks really good Portuguese. He said a few words were in Spanish but it was amazing. I loved it, so did Marcel.

I pray that we can continue to help Marcel change his life and he does need to make some changes in his life. But it’s great because we taught the word of wisdom and law of chastity and he accepted. He said he needs to make the change in his life. I pray that as he continues read the book of Mormon and prays he will feel the power of the Spirit that will really make a huge difference in his life. I know that he has already felt its presence.

The mission has been a great experience. Wow. I have really come to know who I am; and better yet, how the gospel can be applied in my life. What a difference it can make and how blessed we are to know the truth. I know that God lives. That His Sons died for us and lives today to guide the living prophet and apostles so that we can become better oriented and taught the truth- the truth that heals the wounded soul. This is the true church! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I wish you all a great week! Never forget the impact of the Savior’s Atonement that makes us become his beloved worthy disciples.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer
From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Mon 5/31/10 8:17AM

Querida família,

Another week flew bye!

I can´t believe how the time goes by. It’s interesting how the mission has been a great experience. I won’t lie, there have been some really hard times on the mission but they have helped me become stronger and more dedicated as a servant of the Lord.

This week we were blessed to find a very special woman. Her name is Janete. She already got to know the church some time ago. She’s great; for she went to church with us this Sunday. Turns out she has a friend that is a member. It was great because her friend showed her around and stayed by her during all the meetings. Tonight we are going to do a family night with her and some members. She has a baptismal date for the 12 of June. I pray that she continues to pray and look for more answers so that she is baptized on this day.

Then on Sunday we had a great ward conference. It was perfect. The spirit was there and one of the counselors of the presidency spoke about a topic really interesting. He spoke of the importance to do the simple things that make a huge difference in our lives, like reading the scriptures as a family every day, praying together every day, and other things like going to the temple. It was a great talk for me for I thought of life after the mission (3 weeks J) and realize the importance of these things that make a difference. These things truly strengthen a family and provide the inspiration that is needed when we need it!

From what it sounds like, we are living in the last days, as such we need to put on the ´´armor of God´´. It was interesting because the councilor told me that when he was young he had to wake up 3:30 in the morning every day because his dad would go out and deliver fresh bread and milk as it was his daily job. He woke up his family everyday so that they could all pray together. He admitted that sometimes he caught himself sleeping. But the impact that this habit left on him was tremendous. What a great example. I know that as we sacrifice our time and desires for the Lord´s desires we are blessed. For this month we have a theme-its sacrifice. Sacrifice makes us grow spiritually. As we do such we are transformed into the Children of God that our Father in Heaven wants us to be.

I know that God lives and that He sent His Son for us. I know as we do our part we will see the blessings because of the sacrifices we make. Our testimony becomes strengthened as well.

I hope you all have a great week! Only three more weeks’ baby! I pray that I find those that are waiting! Please pray for our success.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer


From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 7:00 AM

Querida família,

Another week! Well I received a new companion this week. He’s from Mesa Arizona. It’s interesting because my recent companion was transferred. I hope all goes well for him.

The mission has been an interesting experience. This week we had our interviews with President. It was a great experience as it always is. I know that he was pre-ordained to be my president. He is truly inspired and leads this mission following the Lord’s will. This week we really worked hard-it was great. We taught 33 lessons this week. It was awesome. We met a young man named Tigao. He’s cool. We taught him and he told us that it was not a coincidence that we arrived; for he is looking for a change in his life. His parents are both dead and he is about 24 years old.

I know as we continue to work the Lord will bless us. I’m excited to work hard to find the elects this week. I know the Lord wants us to find them and through obedience we will receive the blessings that we need. The Lord is aware of our situations. He knows our needs and wants us to be successful. It’s our choice that will determine this.

I still can’t believe the mission is coming to an end. I pray that I may be led to find those that are ready to hear the gospel. I know the lord wants me to find them. I pray I might be worthy of being led to find those that are ready.

Well things here in Brazil are starting to get colorful, for the copa of the world is arriving and Brazil loves soccer. They have already started to paint their houses and throw up the flags.

I hope you all have a great week! The picture attached is what Brazil is turning into because of the world soccer game (copa) love you all!

Thanks for all your prayers.

Com Amor,

Elder Fischer


From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 7:16 AM

Querida família,

This week was very interesting. Wow. I stayed and more than my district was transferred but me. It was crazy. Elder Hall my companion was transferred. They shut down an area in our ward so it’s only me and my companion. My companion is cool. He is from Herriman, UT! Nicole!! Cool huh his parents’ names are Debby Turley and Tim Turley. That would be cool if Nicole new them.

This week we really worked hard. We had found a really great investigator who was progressing a lot and went to church, but later we found out horrible news. His name is Rick. We found him on Monday and it was a great lesson. He was really interested and was progressing a lot. He went to our activity in the church and it was great. He was not smoking as much and stopped drinking coffee. He was loving everything about the Church including the literature of the gospel that we gave him. He said it was interesting because before he hated anything to do with the Gospel. And He just loved what we were teaching. Well later on Sunday we went to visit him. He told us that he wanted to be baptized but if he did in the future he would maybe need to leave the church. Why – because his brother is involved in some pretty difficult stuff –his brother is a drug lord and owns 5 areas. Rick had left that area about 2 weeks ago for the want of a new life, and was living in our area with his grandma. He said that if his brother were to die, he would have to take his place for it’s the way things go he said.. His brother called him yesterday reminding him of his duty even though Rick told him of the joy that he had found in the Gospel. He said If he denied the ´´the position´´ there’s a chance that they would take his life. It was so sad. I cried because I wanted salvation for him. He also cried.. I couldn´t handle the fact that he couldn’t take control of his life – for he said that he wanted to change his life so bad even though everyone was questioning his decision to become a ´´church goer´´. He said that he would continue to go to church. It was sad because he said that if one day if he didn´t go to church, it’s because he had to leave for that area.

It’s an interesting situation. I’m pretty sure that the situation is true. Either way I pray that a miracle happens. The world is another place. For the gospel is the Light unto the World.

The Lord knows each one of us. He loves us and knows our difficulties. He wants the best for us. When we confront challenges, we need to have faith. We need to do our best and become the person that the Lord wants.

This week was great and very hard for me- especially my companion. Please pray for him and me. Bless my companion that he might overcome his problems here on the mission and have the desire to continue to endure on the mission. I know that the Lord knows all of our difficulties and we can overcome. My companion has been having difficult time with the mission. Maybe Nicole can talk with his parents. I know that all will go well in the end. This is the test that we live. We need to give all we can to endure to the end. For as we worked this week, we had another investigator named Max. He went to church and liked it. He’s frequenting another church but seems like he has not found what he is looking for a.k.a. the truth. He liked church. We plan to mark a date with him this week.

Also, I would like to wish Aaron a happy birthday! I hope that you had a great birthday yesterday. Remember the blessings that the Lord has so graciously given you! What a blessing it is to be a member. I pray that all continues to go well for you and Kim. Let the Lord bless thy paths and that you might overcome any difficult. We have trials. They´re part of life. I know that as we do all that we can, we will be blessed and the Lord´s mercy will be extended unto us. I know that this is the Lord´s church. I know that God Loves each of us. Well I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Seu Elder, Irmão, filho, e amigo,

Elder Fischer