From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 7:00 AM

Querida família,

Another week! Well I received a new companion this week. He’s from Mesa Arizona. It’s interesting because my recent companion was transferred. I hope all goes well for him.

The mission has been an interesting experience. This week we had our interviews with President. It was a great experience as it always is. I know that he was pre-ordained to be my president. He is truly inspired and leads this mission following the Lord’s will. This week we really worked hard-it was great. We taught 33 lessons this week. It was awesome. We met a young man named Tigao. He’s cool. We taught him and he told us that it was not a coincidence that we arrived; for he is looking for a change in his life. His parents are both dead and he is about 24 years old.

I know as we continue to work the Lord will bless us. I’m excited to work hard to find the elects this week. I know the Lord wants us to find them and through obedience we will receive the blessings that we need. The Lord is aware of our situations. He knows our needs and wants us to be successful. It’s our choice that will determine this.

I still can’t believe the mission is coming to an end. I pray that I may be led to find those that are ready to hear the gospel. I know the lord wants me to find them. I pray I might be worthy of being led to find those that are ready.

Well things here in Brazil are starting to get colorful, for the copa of the world is arriving and Brazil loves soccer. They have already started to paint their houses and throw up the flags.

I hope you all have a great week! The picture attached is what Brazil is turning into because of the world soccer game (copa) love you all!

Thanks for all your prayers.

Com Amor,

Elder Fischer

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