From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 7:46 AM

Querida família,

Another week passed bye. Wow. We had some great miracles happen. Tuesday we talked with Severino. He had to leave after our visit or embark for the sea as he will stay there for about 14 days. The lesson we had with him was great. The spirit was present. We gave him a lot of material for the trip (all of the lesson pamphlets) haha he’s great. And he has a lot of reading to do in the Book of Mormon.

Then we have Tiago. What a miracle. Tiago works during the day and studies at night and so it’s really hard to visit him. Then on Tuesday night we were passing close to his house and we decided to go to his house. A miracle happened he was in his house! And we talked about prayer and said that he had been feeling good about our message. He accepted a baptism date for the 22 of May!! And he went to church. He’s way cool. He’s 23and is studying at the local college. His mother passed away about 3 years ago and removed himself from the church. It seemed like he loved the church!

Then another miracle happened. About two weeks ago, we were knocking doors. Randomly we stopped on a side street and knocked at a huge garage door. To our surprise a young man 17 (Vinicius) answered the door and invited us in. He told us that he had already searched on the internet about the church. He had asked for a Book of Mormon but never received it. He taught the 1 lesson and it was great. But then he told us he wouldn’t go to church and we decided to ´´cut´´ him. Then this past week we saw him again. We invited him to go to church and he said he would go. Forgetting about him, Sunday arrived and he was already in the church!! He loved it and seemed really interested. I’m so excited to teach him. He’s very intelligent for his age.

I know that the Lord has been blessing us extremely. It’s amazing how the Lord truly blesses us with miracles.

Also, Peterson the young man we baptized at the end of march, has been progressing like crazy! He’s been going to seminary and we told him about a mission. He’s thinking about it! And he’s going to receive the priesthood this coming Sunday as I believe they already announced it in the sacrament meeting.

The Lord has been blessing us. I pray that we continue to find the Lord’s elects. For my time is coming to end!! I pray that I find those that are ready.
Thanks for all you do. I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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