From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 7:38 AM

Querida Familia

What a great experience it was to see you all. Wow. It was unreal. In a little bit I will be home. But I need to focus! For I need to find the elects that are awaiting us.

This week we have been working with Vinicius the young man that has a date for the 22. Unfortunately he didn’t come to church. I feel though that he will continue to progress as he has been expressing his desire to change. He’s very intelligent. I pray that he continue to prepare so he is baptized.

Also, Tiago our other investigator, traveled this weekend. I pray that we can continue to teach him and prepare him for his baptism- as he too expressed his desire to be baptized.

It’s interesting how fast the time goes. I know that this is the Lords work. I know that there are elects that are waiting for my companion and me. We have been pre-ordained with certain purposes. As we do our best to fulfill them, I know that veil becomes thin and we will reunite with those we promised we would help in this life. For life is a test; a test to show our eternal Father we are faithful. It’s not easy- But it is worth it.

I know that this is the true church of Christ. I can not deny it. I know that the families can be together forever. But we must do our part so that this becomes possible. I know that Christ is our advocate and as we do our part we receive the remission of our sins and errors. We are not perfect but we are saints in action working for perfection. We are the defenders of righteousness; we hold the title of liberty. We can’t give up, what ever trial or difficulty we are facing or will face. We are the chosen and blessed. We have the responsibility to do what is right and be the example. I know that we have our callings here on earth and we must fulfill them. For we have an assistant; His name is the Holy Ghost. He is real and He can lead our lives in the path of Christ-- if we let him.

I know that Mothers are divine. I know that they help us and guide us. They help when we are weak and encourage us to go on. Their love is infinite. Their wisdom and guidance is true. I am so grateful for the Mother I have been given and thank you this Mother’s Day to express my love for you mother, and for all the mothers that live.

I know that God lives, and He has a plan for us! We cannot give up!

Eu sei que se nos esforçarmos, receberemos as bênçãos aqui na terra e na vida que vêm. Esta é a Igreja de Jesus Cristo. Eu não posso negar. Eu me sinto a presença do espírito santo como eu tenho trabalhado aqui na missão. Pois Deus VIVE! E Ele quer o melhor para nós e por isso Ele nos dá o dom do espírito Santo como membros da Igreja.

Eu espero que vocês tenham uma ótima semana!

Obrigado pelo apoio e orações de fé!

Com Amor,

Elder Fischer

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