From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, August 24, 2009 7:23 AM

Hello Again Querida familia,

This week flew bye. We have blessed so much here in this área. The members are great here. One of the highlights of the week was yesterday. We had our conference; Wow. It was so great. Presidente Soares was there and he gave an amazing talk. It was wonderful. He stated how we all have difficulties. Whether a leader or not we all have difficulites. It was interesting because he said that our trials are not an affect of our choices-these are consequences. It is so true.

Also this week we have been preparing Tamires and Emerson for baptism. I hope all goes well. They have a goal to be baptized this Sunday. I pray that they will. Tamires said she would be baptized. It was a humbling event went she said the ending prayer and testifed that the Book of Mormon is true. Her husband accepted the date but he's a little wifty about it. I pray that he continues to pray and read this week which he said he would. This truly is the work of the Lord. I know that we all have trials in our life as Presidente Soares said. We must have faith as President Monson related to us this past conference. WE must endure, and endure with faith, with joy, with courage. For we are the latter day saints!

I'm excited for this week! This Thursday we have conference with our presidente. The conferences are now smaller which is a little dissapointing (because I don´t see everyone but still cool nontheless) We will have a conference I think, Vila Velha, Vitoria, and Cariacia. It should be great.

Well it sounds like you are all doing great! Im so happy. Sounds like dads job is going well. Thanks! terrific! I continue to pray for you all ! Also I received your missionties (mom and nicole) Thankss!! So much! Really it makes the day so much better! The photos were great! Well hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

From: jonathan.j.fischer
Mon, 17 Aug 2009

Querida Familia,Tudo Bem!?

Wow, this week went by fast. We had our conference of the zone. Things changed. Instead of normally teaching the first lesson, we are making connections, or, we try get to the know the person and use the scriptures to help them recongnize the need of the restored gospel in their lives. We then give a brief outline of the first lesson. It's cool. Then we tell them to go to church. If they say no we don´t go back. Really this new way was inspired by our Heavenly Father. This week were blessed with a lot of people in the church. It was awesome. The work is going great here.

We even found this old lady named Antônia. She had already received the missionaires. She's great. She wants to be baptized. I pray that all will continue to go well. She has passed through a lot in her life. She really is an example. She passed an expereience that is so sad. She said that one day after she had received her payment from work, she was robbed. But not just assalted, but brutely beaten and left to die. She spent 12 days in the hospital recouperating. She is a survier, She has difficulties in her life, but yet she is happy. She said that she has received an anwser and she knows that this Church is the Church of Christ. As well with the couple we have been teaching Tamieres and Emerson, I hope and pray they received an anwser.

This Sunday we are going to have a stake conference. Im really excited. There is going to be the president of the first presidency of Brazil. I don´t know his name, but it should be really good.

It's interesting how fast time goes. Really this work is inspired. I have been blessed so much. I know that are families can be together for ever. We just need to continue to endure to the end. Step by step. Although we have difficulites, we must fight because there is a greater reward awaiting us after this life. I know that Chirst lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer. Through Him, we are redeemed, we become clean and purified in His grace. I know that His gospel is one, it is pure, it brings hope and peace to our lives. I know tha prayer is real. It's power is undescribable. Heavenly Father is listening. I know that Joseph Smith was prophet of God. That he truly did see God the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have a great week! Never give up!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

PS: I thank you all for all that you have done. Mom, I received the package! Thank you so much!! Wow.. Im not able to read the books.. against the rules.. I wish I could. But thanks so much. The only thing is that I'm getting low on my facial creams.. Thanks for all that you do. I'll look for a camera . I'll let you know what's up next time. It will probable be next week. Thanks for all you do. Love you much
Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, August 10, 2009 6:52 AM

Querida família, This week flew bye. It was sure was interesting. That was a great letter from Lauren! Thanks. How cool. Sounds like shes great. Haha yea it sounds like everyone is getting married. Oh and i knew that Sherry´s son was going to mozambique. When does he leave?

Here's the update. Me and my companion have been blessed with some really great investigators. The down side is that a lot of them have to get married which takes about 40-60 days. L But luckily, we have been working with this one family Tamires and Emerson. Im really excited. They are married have 3 little kids and we got to know them through a member. They went to an activity we had at the church on Saturday. It was great. It was that actvity again called 'party in the country' or as I say 'party of the hicks' haha.. its funn. But the down side is that my camera is demolished.. L I dont know what happened I kept it in my backpack, which was with me the whole time and and when I took it out to use it at the activity the screen (LCD) was smashed.. It doesn´t even take pictures.. i don´t really know what im going to do.. L Oh well..

But it's been really great here. Im still trying to get the hang of things here in this new area. I hope that I can continue to improve in the language, the Lord has blessed me, and I know I can improve! Haha.. Aside from that, there isn't too much here. It's been really hot and sunny this week. I don´t even know how hot. But, Im liking it..I think I will live somewhere hot.hah..jk.

But really my companion and I have been blessed to find some really great people. I just hope that we can continue to find those that are ready to be baptized. I pray that Tamires and Emerson can continue to come to church and recognize the difference it makes in their lives. The Lord trully knows all of us individually. He knows our hearts and gives us the chances to change our lifes. But we have the choice, to accept and follow with faith, or remain in the doubt and follow the natural man. I know with out a doubt that this Church is the Church of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. He loves us, and wants us to return to live with Him. But, we must choose to follow, or no,.. yes it is by the small steps that lead us to the eternal gift of Salvation.

I hope you all have a great week. Please continue to pray for me. And never forget the influence you can make in one's life. As Tiana, our professor of the gospel and Princples class said, we need to be charitable. Lets decide this week to help someone out and make a diference. We are the examples.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer


Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, August 03, 2009 7:10 AM

Wow!! Thats crazy about the weddings!! I don´t beleive that Jessica is getting married!! That is crazy! And David Breing and Jameson Ranck are alredy married! And autumn is getting married soon. That is just crazy! That's good to hear about Hannah! So shes looking good huh? Tell her to send me a letter! Send me a photo!!..I don´t really get many letters from my friends back home. I still haven´t got one from matthew!! Ahha..I just get letters from Tad, Bryan, Kevin (once in a while) and my friend that is serving in brasil-Tyler Westover! What about Lauren? Whats the news about her?

Thanks for the update. I love hearing news! And Mckenna! WOW Modleing!! Thats awesome. SO, her step brother will serve a mission in Africa speaking portugues:?! Thats awesome I want to know what part, its probable Cabo Verde or Mozambique! Scary..but all is well.. ] As for my news!

A drastic change, I was transfered to Jardim Limoeiro and my new companion is Elder Manoel Beserra de Souza. He is from Souza, Paraiba. He seems like a good person. He teaches really well which is good! Im happy. I'm also happy that he's a Brazilian!! It helps with the language. And our ward, Jardim Limoeiro looks like a really great ward. The memebers are excited about missionary work. We even have a couple of members that are able to do visits on the hour!! Its crazy. I feel extremely blessed. I'm excited to work in this area. There is a lot of potential. Actually the has Lord blessed me, because when I arrived on Tuesday I was informed that we were preparing someone for baptism! She was baptized and confirmed on Saturday and Sunday! It was great. I truly have felt the presence of the Lord in my life here on the mission.

For example. Last night we went out with a member and we taught a family that recently moved from the Baia. They are friends of the member, well actually the member helped the husband get a job. So, we went to teach a message. And it was great, the wife told us that she had been praying to the Lord that the first person that came to their house offering a message she would accept it and follow it! It was a blessing and humbling moment. Then later that night we went to find the house of someone that we made a contact. When we found the house, we taught a young man. Towards the end of the lesson he told us that he had been searching for the ´´true path´´ and had been visiting many churches and had been praying! Wow ..I pray that we can help him realize that we were went sent in awnser to his prayers and search of truth!

Really this week went by superfast! Its been crazy! But, I'm exited for this week and to find the other childeren of God that are waiting to hear the gospel!

I would like to thank all of you for your prayers. Really, I know that your prayers have been awnsered this week! I feel extremly blessed and grateful to have the family I do. I know that we have an eternal father, and he loves and cares for us. He wants us to be happy, and he wants to hear from us everyday. The Lord truly is our beacon of hope here in this life as we journey through our difficulties- that through the grace and power of our Redeeming Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we can over come our trials and we can remain in a state of happiness with an eternal perspective in mind. I know that this Chruch is the Church of our Salvador Jesus Christ, and that Joseph Smith was called of God, that there in the sacred grove, Joseph saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. That in the morning Joseph, only a young boy, was called and chosen of God to be a prophet, which once again established the Church of our Savior. I know that today, as memebers, we are soliders and defenders of truth and righteousness. We are living proof that the restoration of the gospel has happened! We are helping fullfill the prophieces of old!

I hope that you all have a great week! I pray for you all and hope that I can continue to be kept in your prayers!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer Eu amo vocês muito!! Nunca esqueçam-se do conhecimento e a verdade nós temos!!!
Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Querida Familia,

Wow this week was great! Actually the highlight of it all was yesterday. We had conference. To say the least, it was inspiring. We are the founding missionaries of this new mission, Brasil, Vitória!!

Its exciting. With the new mission, came a new Schedule!! Mondays are now our p-days! It should be interesting. Im excited. We will see how it goes! everything of course was inspired!

One of the things i liked was how president said that he was truly inspired when he made the division. He Said the Lord called us to serve in this mission, and that the Lord called President Pickett to be our President! The spirit was strong. It was a great experience. It was cool becuase everyone was there-the whole mission. As of now, we have 91 missionaries. But like President Pickett Said, there is already 30 americans scheduled to come in and that's not even counting the Brazilians. Its going to be great. The bottles are pretty cool.

Well there was much that happend. We are still teaching the two American daughters Paula and Camila. They're cool. There coming to church this week! Im excited. The Lord really hás blessed my companion and I.

But, it sounds like you all are enjoying the Summer! The weather this past week hás heated up. The rain doesn´t come untill about late September - November. But its funny beucase here, they don´t really have cold. There is hot, and really hot. But im actually starting to like it. Haha. I Love the Sun. Im might end up living some where hot! Haha. But the temperature right now is ideal. Its the perfect time to visit! Haha

Well mom and dad I hope you guys have fun down in oregon and on orcas Island! It sounds fun! Keep me updated.

Also mom I wanted to thank you for the by Presidente Uchtdorf you sent to me. Also I just wanted to share a couple quotes that I read from the talk by him. He said, "We lift our eyes toward the God of heaven by cultivating our own personal spirituality. We do it by living harmony with the Father; the Son, our Savior; and the Holy Ghost. We do it by striving to be the truly ´submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of Love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon [us], even as a child doth submit to his father´ (mosiah 3:19.)´´

I enjoyed this part of the talk a lot and thought you might tôo! Really we do feel closer to óur Heavenly Father when we come unto Him through prayer and obedience. It reminded me of what was said in Conference. We need to have vision.

Also Presidente Uchtdorf Said, "Daily simple, sincere, and mighty prayers lift our lives to a higher spiritual altitude.´´ I really have a strong testimony of this. I know that our Heavenly Fahter listens. He hears our prayers and He gives us the guidance we need in the moment that is right. He is our Lord and Father.

I hope all goes well!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, July 27, 2009 9:49
Querida Familia,
I dont have a lot of time this week. But I have been transfered. I don´t even know where yet! Haha... I'll let you all know next week!This week was great. We accomplished a lot of our goals. I was blessed! And one of our investigators that is a friend of a member came to our activity in the church. She loved it. She is really progessing and is finding interest in the Book of Mormon. She even askéd what part of the book is heavy for the people that need to change or something like that, and we told her about Alma 5. She liked what she heard and wanted to read it. She's a great person and even better, a good friend of a member! I'm excited for her.

I actually took pictures and have attached them in the e-mail. Last week it took too long to attach the fotos! Yikes! So, I sent some this week.
I'm anxious to see where I will be going and who will be my companion. It's always interesting. The mysteries of the mission.

Don´t have much to say I just wanted to thank you all for all the support you give. Really.. It is a strength that is indescribable! Thanks for eveything"!

Elder Fischer

Thanks for sending my meds and the everything mom! Love you much!
Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, July 20, 2009 7:14

Querida Familia,

This week went by fast. There isn´t to much that is new. That's crazy that Sherry's step-son got his call to Africa Portuguese speaking. That's awesome! It must be Mozambique. Thats going to be a hard mission. Its really really really poor there. It will be a good experience.

It sounds like Grandma and Grandpa got everything worked out. Thats good. I can´t believe that Dustin is going to be an EMT. I never would have thought that. How's aaron and Kim? Is Aaron liking his job still? I haven´t heard from him since mother´s day haha. Oh and as for sending something to President and Sister I think something cool from Seattle would be good. I heard that he loves Seattle. Maybe some nice Chocolate.

Oh when you send my prescription do you think you could send syrup!?: haha they don´t have it in Brazil..I'm dying for it to make pancakes. Haha

Next week we will have transfers on the 29th. We will see what happens. I'm excited. There hasn't been too much that has happened. We have continued to search for more investigators. I hoping that tonight we can encourage the two daughters of the a ward member to come to church this Sunday. Actually we are having an activity in the church this Saturday. It should be pretty good. Its called the party of the country. Haha Its hilarious. Its a holiday in Brazil. Everyone dresses up like a cowboy or hick or somthing. Haha We should have some investigators going. Im excited! Haha

Like I said this week was pretty chill. There wasn´t too much that happened. I think yesterday was the most eventful day. I got spit on at a bus stop. I was making a contact and then someone on a bus spit on me haha. And then later that day, my compainion got diarreah. Haha. We had to go home. But, the good news is that I know its just part of the work. No one ever said it would be easy. But its worth.

Well I hope you all have a great week. I sent some pictures. I have a horrible cankersore ..its huge. Haha J Thanks for all that you all do!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer
Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, July 08, 2009 6:47

Querida Familia

This week went by fast again. It was great to get your letter mom through missionties. The letter about your lesson you gave from the talk by Elder Holland. What a great way you taught! Really it was a great way to Interact the class. Sounds like you guys had a blast at eagle crest! Thats terrific! Im so excited for our adventures together in the future!

But, as for this week. It was great. We really have been siginificantly blessed by the Lord. We have been finding and reciving some really good references. Its amazing how powerful a member can be to a missionary. Really. We have started to teach a family that is incomplete. The parents have lived in the U.S. They actually have watched the pagent in Palymyra many times. And I think the father Said that He had been to the sacred groves 8 times!! Can you believe that! He's actually returning back to the church. It was through him we met the rest of his family (his wife and two daughters). Their family is awesome. We are teaching the 2 daughters (Paula 9 and Camilia 13). Its funny becuase the two girls were Born in the U.S.!! The first Americans I have met that don´t speak fluent english!!

We have also been teaching a friend of a member. Her name is Andrea. Wow she is a riot. She is hilarious and is searching for the truth. We played the Joseph Smith restoration film (20min) and she Said something like, "I know what Joseph Smith was doing. I feel like I have been searching´´. She grew up in the Jehovah witness church and left when she was about 15. She then went back and still didn´t like it. She hás already visited other churches and still hás not found the one. I pray that she feels the truth of the message that we have. It would change her life and she would be a great asset to the church! But really my companion and I have been extremely blessed recently. Wow.

But, this week I AM going to give a talk in church about missionary work. Wish me luck!

Oh and on Monday we had our interviews with president. Really President is such a great man inspired of God. I feel blessed to have stayed in this mission. Sister Pickett also is so great. They´re a riot together. But really, the Lord hás blessed me with some great leaders in my life. I truly feel blessed to have received the counsel over the years from these inspired men in the church of Savior Jesus Christ. Well, thats my week! I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer


Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, July 01, 2009 7:00 AM

Querida Família,

Today is the first Day of Mission Vitória, Brasil!!!! And tommorrow I make one year on the mission!!! Wow hás the time passed. I still can´t believe how the time just goes. I'm super excited for the conference we are going to have on the 14th of July!! We are going to kick off our mission with sucess!Well back to this week. This week was crazy. We had been preparing Linara (the 12 year old smart girl) for baptism. It was a great. We were blessed also to help perform her baptism this Sunday. It was great. Her father, who is a less active, came. Actually it was kinda funny because when He showed up He asked if He could sing a song for his daughter. We Said, ya sure. Haah. It was kinda of funny. It was kinda of evangelical music and He went on and on singing and talking 30 mintues with his guitar. It would have been great IF He would have just kept it shorter and would not have yelled out so much J; but, nonetheless, it was a great baptism. It was special because the Bishop baptized her. I Love when the members baptize. It's just so much better. They get to see the person who baptised them every Sunday. That was the highlight of the week.

Then my companion got sick. We think Dengue Fever. He was sick Saturday until yesterday. It was pretty bad. I was locked in the apartment going nuts without music!! I just couldn´t read anylonger. I think I have ADD. Haha.

But there isn´t tôo much news this week. Oh and i recived all of your mission tiés! How great it was to see you guys. Mom and dad, wow losing weight like crazy! Thats terrific! Keep me updated! Oh and sounds like you guys hád a great Father´s Day! Happy fathers Day again dad!! And Niki, I loved the Picture you sent. It's hilarious all the Brazilians think you're black and they all love you. Ha ha! You would be a soap opera star here (soap operas are huge here)! Ha ha! Well I hope you guys have a great week. Sounds like everything is going good. Keep me updated. I Love hearing the smallest things!

I Just want you all to know that I love each one of you. I'm so grateful for the family that I have been given. The Love that you have for me and the guidance you give me. You are the examples to me. Really, we were chosen in the life before this one to be united here on the earth. We were called to be a family. And I AM so grateful that we are a family united in the truth with righteousness running in our veins. Let us never foret our purpose here. Let us never give up. We all have trials. We all difficulties, but throught the atoning sacrfice of our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we can overcome them. I know this is true. God cares. He loves us. He can guide us IF we let Him into our lives. Im striving everyday to let Him into my life, and pray that we can have the strength to never give up. We are here to succeed and not to fail.

Well I hope you are all doing great. Eu espero que vocês tenham uma boa semana e nunca se esqueçam do conhecimento da verdade temos em nossas vidas! Obrigado por tudo que vocês têm feito em minha vida!

Com Amor,
Élder Fischer