Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, August 03, 2009 7:10 AM

Wow!! Thats crazy about the weddings!! I don´t beleive that Jessica is getting married!! That is crazy! And David Breing and Jameson Ranck are alredy married! And autumn is getting married soon. That is just crazy! That's good to hear about Hannah! So shes looking good huh? Tell her to send me a letter! Send me a photo!!..I don´t really get many letters from my friends back home. I still haven´t got one from matthew!! Ahha..I just get letters from Tad, Bryan, Kevin (once in a while) and my friend that is serving in brasil-Tyler Westover! What about Lauren? Whats the news about her?

Thanks for the update. I love hearing news! And Mckenna! WOW Modleing!! Thats awesome. SO, her step brother will serve a mission in Africa speaking portugues:?! Thats awesome I want to know what part, its probable Cabo Verde or Mozambique! Scary..but all is well.. ] As for my news!

A drastic change, I was transfered to Jardim Limoeiro and my new companion is Elder Manoel Beserra de Souza. He is from Souza, Paraiba. He seems like a good person. He teaches really well which is good! Im happy. I'm also happy that he's a Brazilian!! It helps with the language. And our ward, Jardim Limoeiro looks like a really great ward. The memebers are excited about missionary work. We even have a couple of members that are able to do visits on the hour!! Its crazy. I feel extremely blessed. I'm excited to work in this area. There is a lot of potential. Actually the has Lord blessed me, because when I arrived on Tuesday I was informed that we were preparing someone for baptism! She was baptized and confirmed on Saturday and Sunday! It was great. I truly have felt the presence of the Lord in my life here on the mission.

For example. Last night we went out with a member and we taught a family that recently moved from the Baia. They are friends of the member, well actually the member helped the husband get a job. So, we went to teach a message. And it was great, the wife told us that she had been praying to the Lord that the first person that came to their house offering a message she would accept it and follow it! It was a blessing and humbling moment. Then later that night we went to find the house of someone that we made a contact. When we found the house, we taught a young man. Towards the end of the lesson he told us that he had been searching for the ´´true path´´ and had been visiting many churches and had been praying! Wow ..I pray that we can help him realize that we were went sent in awnser to his prayers and search of truth!

Really this week went by superfast! Its been crazy! But, I'm exited for this week and to find the other childeren of God that are waiting to hear the gospel!

I would like to thank all of you for your prayers. Really, I know that your prayers have been awnsered this week! I feel extremly blessed and grateful to have the family I do. I know that we have an eternal father, and he loves and cares for us. He wants us to be happy, and he wants to hear from us everyday. The Lord truly is our beacon of hope here in this life as we journey through our difficulties- that through the grace and power of our Redeeming Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we can over come our trials and we can remain in a state of happiness with an eternal perspective in mind. I know that this Chruch is the Church of our Salvador Jesus Christ, and that Joseph Smith was called of God, that there in the sacred grove, Joseph saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. That in the morning Joseph, only a young boy, was called and chosen of God to be a prophet, which once again established the Church of our Savior. I know that today, as memebers, we are soliders and defenders of truth and righteousness. We are living proof that the restoration of the gospel has happened! We are helping fullfill the prophieces of old!

I hope that you all have a great week! I pray for you all and hope that I can continue to be kept in your prayers!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer Eu amo vocês muito!! Nunca esqueçam-se do conhecimento e a verdade nós temos!!!

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