From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Monday, August 24, 2009 7:23 AM

Hello Again Querida familia,

This week flew bye. We have blessed so much here in this área. The members are great here. One of the highlights of the week was yesterday. We had our conference; Wow. It was so great. Presidente Soares was there and he gave an amazing talk. It was wonderful. He stated how we all have difficulties. Whether a leader or not we all have difficulites. It was interesting because he said that our trials are not an affect of our choices-these are consequences. It is so true.

Also this week we have been preparing Tamires and Emerson for baptism. I hope all goes well. They have a goal to be baptized this Sunday. I pray that they will. Tamires said she would be baptized. It was a humbling event went she said the ending prayer and testifed that the Book of Mormon is true. Her husband accepted the date but he's a little wifty about it. I pray that he continues to pray and read this week which he said he would. This truly is the work of the Lord. I know that we all have trials in our life as Presidente Soares said. We must have faith as President Monson related to us this past conference. WE must endure, and endure with faith, with joy, with courage. For we are the latter day saints!

I'm excited for this week! This Thursday we have conference with our presidente. The conferences are now smaller which is a little dissapointing (because I don´t see everyone but still cool nontheless) We will have a conference I think, Vila Velha, Vitoria, and Cariacia. It should be great.

Well it sounds like you are all doing great! Im so happy. Sounds like dads job is going well. Thanks! terrific! I continue to pray for you all ! Also I received your missionties (mom and nicole) Thankss!! So much! Really it makes the day so much better! The photos were great! Well hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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