From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 7:16 AM

Querida família,

This week was very interesting. Wow. I stayed and more than my district was transferred but me. It was crazy. Elder Hall my companion was transferred. They shut down an area in our ward so it’s only me and my companion. My companion is cool. He is from Herriman, UT! Nicole!! Cool huh his parents’ names are Debby Turley and Tim Turley. That would be cool if Nicole new them.

This week we really worked hard. We had found a really great investigator who was progressing a lot and went to church, but later we found out horrible news. His name is Rick. We found him on Monday and it was a great lesson. He was really interested and was progressing a lot. He went to our activity in the church and it was great. He was not smoking as much and stopped drinking coffee. He was loving everything about the Church including the literature of the gospel that we gave him. He said it was interesting because before he hated anything to do with the Gospel. And He just loved what we were teaching. Well later on Sunday we went to visit him. He told us that he wanted to be baptized but if he did in the future he would maybe need to leave the church. Why – because his brother is involved in some pretty difficult stuff –his brother is a drug lord and owns 5 areas. Rick had left that area about 2 weeks ago for the want of a new life, and was living in our area with his grandma. He said that if his brother were to die, he would have to take his place for it’s the way things go he said.. His brother called him yesterday reminding him of his duty even though Rick told him of the joy that he had found in the Gospel. He said If he denied the ´´the position´´ there’s a chance that they would take his life. It was so sad. I cried because I wanted salvation for him. He also cried.. I couldn´t handle the fact that he couldn’t take control of his life – for he said that he wanted to change his life so bad even though everyone was questioning his decision to become a ´´church goer´´. He said that he would continue to go to church. It was sad because he said that if one day if he didn´t go to church, it’s because he had to leave for that area.

It’s an interesting situation. I’m pretty sure that the situation is true. Either way I pray that a miracle happens. The world is another place. For the gospel is the Light unto the World.

The Lord knows each one of us. He loves us and knows our difficulties. He wants the best for us. When we confront challenges, we need to have faith. We need to do our best and become the person that the Lord wants.

This week was great and very hard for me- especially my companion. Please pray for him and me. Bless my companion that he might overcome his problems here on the mission and have the desire to continue to endure on the mission. I know that the Lord knows all of our difficulties and we can overcome. My companion has been having difficult time with the mission. Maybe Nicole can talk with his parents. I know that all will go well in the end. This is the test that we live. We need to give all we can to endure to the end. For as we worked this week, we had another investigator named Max. He went to church and liked it. He’s frequenting another church but seems like he has not found what he is looking for a.k.a. the truth. He liked church. We plan to mark a date with him this week.

Also, I would like to wish Aaron a happy birthday! I hope that you had a great birthday yesterday. Remember the blessings that the Lord has so graciously given you! What a blessing it is to be a member. I pray that all continues to go well for you and Kim. Let the Lord bless thy paths and that you might overcome any difficult. We have trials. They´re part of life. I know that as we do all that we can, we will be blessed and the Lord´s mercy will be extended unto us. I know that this is the Lord´s church. I know that God Loves each of us. Well I hope you all have a great week!

Com Amor,
Seu Elder, Irmão, filho, e amigo,

Elder Fischer

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