From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2010 7:42 AM

Querida família,

Wow we really worked hard trying to find new investigators. It’s been very interesting. We have been trying to be very obedient. We have been exceeding atleast 30 minutes everyday except Sunday as this is the rule. We have been trying to do our best. We’re not perfect and we still need to improve, but I know the Lord has been blessing us because of our effort. For we have found some great people. For Severino is really interested and wants to get baptized. But it was strange because he didn’t show up on Sunday and then we couldn’t get a hold of him. We don’t know if he embarked for the ocean to work on the oil platforms or not. When we taught him about baptism it was great. I could see his desire to change.

Also this week we have found a less active and his ´´wife´´. The less active Anderson loves the missionaries and, he and his wife want to get married. His wife Regina really liked the message and is interested in the church. Unfortunately they traveled this weekend to visit family members, but there coming to church next week.

Also we have been working with a couple named Eleniza and Elzimar. There very intelligent. I love them. The problem is that they both study and work. Elzimar also works on the ocean with oil and leaves every 14 days. But they like the church. We invited Eleniza to be baptized for the 15th but she said she doesn’t know yet and that she wants to be baptized but she doesn’t know if the 15th works because she wants to get baptized with her husband!! J So he gets back on the 6th I think. And so we are going to work with them and hopefully with the Lord’s help of course we can help them enter into the waters of baptism.

Also this week was interesting as well looked for new investigators. We taught a professional surfer. It was cool. He has surfed in Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, and other places. He liked the message and said he would pray. But unfortunately he didn’t want to commit to go to church and would rely on the answer from the prayer to determine if he would go to church. He lives in a really nice house with his parents.

I know that this work is real; that the Lord loves us and knows that we need to grow through our trials. Even though we face challenges we can overcome them. We need to have faith and work through them and then as we do all we can we receive the blessings of the gospel. It’s a nonstop cycle. I know that the Lord loves us.

I know that as we continue to work and heed the promptings of the Holy Ghost we will receive the guidance we need to overcome the difficulties. I love the gospel. It’s perfect. It’s the tool (together with the priesthood) that, with help, enables us to become the people we need to be.

Well I wish you all a great week! I still haven’t received the letters! I’m looking forward to reading them :)

Com Amor
Elder Fischer

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