From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 8:02 AM
Querido Familia

The transfers happened. I stayed. !! This transfer is going to go so fast- its super short only 5 weeks unlike the normal 6. We received a new missionary from Alaska. Hes cool. Hes struggling with the language. I feel extremely blessed for the rapid pace that my companion is learning the language. It really makes a difference in the work.

What a great experience this week was. Actually the best of the experiences happened yesterday. We have been teaching a man named Lucas that came to church. He is truly trying to find the truth. I pray that through the Book of Mormon he receives a confirmation that this is the true Church.

Also yesterday we had a great fast and testimony meeting. It was unreal. Wow. Us for missionaries bour testimony. It was a very emotial experience for the spirit was extremely strong. I know that this truly is the work of God. I feel blessed to take part of it. Its amazing how the Lord truly knows each one of us and our capacities.

Well I pray that this week we find our more new investigators, for we need to meet our goal of baptisms, which is 4 for the month. I know that Lord wants this to happen. I just need to have more faith and believe.

Well I pray that you all have a great week. The photos of me are giving instruction at our activity night about the activity -we played Jeopardy. It was a riot!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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