From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Mon 5/31/10 8:17AM

Querida família,

Another week flew bye!

I can´t believe how the time goes by. It’s interesting how the mission has been a great experience. I won’t lie, there have been some really hard times on the mission but they have helped me become stronger and more dedicated as a servant of the Lord.

This week we were blessed to find a very special woman. Her name is Janete. She already got to know the church some time ago. She’s great; for she went to church with us this Sunday. Turns out she has a friend that is a member. It was great because her friend showed her around and stayed by her during all the meetings. Tonight we are going to do a family night with her and some members. She has a baptismal date for the 12 of June. I pray that she continues to pray and look for more answers so that she is baptized on this day.

Then on Sunday we had a great ward conference. It was perfect. The spirit was there and one of the counselors of the presidency spoke about a topic really interesting. He spoke of the importance to do the simple things that make a huge difference in our lives, like reading the scriptures as a family every day, praying together every day, and other things like going to the temple. It was a great talk for me for I thought of life after the mission (3 weeks J) and realize the importance of these things that make a difference. These things truly strengthen a family and provide the inspiration that is needed when we need it!

From what it sounds like, we are living in the last days, as such we need to put on the ´´armor of God´´. It was interesting because the councilor told me that when he was young he had to wake up 3:30 in the morning every day because his dad would go out and deliver fresh bread and milk as it was his daily job. He woke up his family everyday so that they could all pray together. He admitted that sometimes he caught himself sleeping. But the impact that this habit left on him was tremendous. What a great example. I know that as we sacrifice our time and desires for the Lord´s desires we are blessed. For this month we have a theme-its sacrifice. Sacrifice makes us grow spiritually. As we do such we are transformed into the Children of God that our Father in Heaven wants us to be.

I know that God lives and that He sent His Son for us. I know as we do our part we will see the blessings because of the sacrifices we make. Our testimony becomes strengthened as well.

I hope you all have a great week! Only three more weeks’ baby! I pray that I find those that are waiting! Please pray for our success.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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