From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 6:45 AM
To: Fischer, Sheila
Subject: Re: Greetings

Querida Familia,
First of all yes, I received my contacts. Thank you. :):):):) It sounds like everything is pretty normal.

This week also, was pretty normal here in Brazil. Me and my companion have just been trying to work as much possible with the members because our mission has decided to make this the focus in doing the work. I'm actually really excited because really the members do make the difference. Actually I have a cool story about a recent convert that taught with us this week.

Her name is Jacqueline. So how did she come to know the church? Well it started when her mom had breached the United States border and decided to make a living there. Along with many of her other family members, (brother, aunt (I think step dad)) she desired to make a run for the United States too. So she began her journey as she paid 9,000 reais ($4500 dollars). She travelled through Honduras, Belize, Mexico, using boats, planes, trains, and everything that moves. She was almost in the place she needed to be as she was heading to Boston or in that area, when the people that were traveling with her on this excursion turned them all in. So what happened she got thrown in prison? There she began the other part of the journey. She was moved from prison to prison as the U.S. could not hold an illegal immigrant in one prison for more than 3 months. So she travelled to Texas, Oklahoma, and other places finally ending in Virginia. There in that prison she met the person that changed her life. An Asian lady who was of Chinese descent that was from Brazil. She spoke 4 different languages. This lady had even a sadder story of why she was there. She had married a man in the U.S., in the temple actually. But she later faced divorce. She didn’t want to divorce because they were married in the temple. But they ended up doing so anyway. Then the man wanted more child rights. So she let her child visit him. Then he wanted full custody but she wouldn’t allow it. Then her grandmother became sick in China and so she decided to visit her and take her child with her to visit the grandmother before she died. The husband agreed. Except when she went to the airport the police were waiting for her. I'm guessing the husband probably lied, saying that she was trying to kidnap their child. She was thrown into prison. I think Jacqueline said she was in prison for 5 or 7 years, don’t remember, but she is now free in the U.S. (with a green card I think she can’t live there forever) and she is trying to get her child. But..

Returning to the story; The Asian woman taught her about the church and even started helping her read in English the gospel principles book. She completed it. Then the Asian told her that she needed to pray. At first she didn’t want to pray she thought the lady was crazy. But after it all she prayed and received an answer. The Asian told her to look for the missionaries when she went home. When she came back she passed the church but was afraid to go in. Then one day 2 missionaries were trying to develop a photo but they couldn’t find a place. One elder wanted to go up to a studio because he felt like he should. The other was telling him that there would not be a place there. But when they arrived, there was Jacqueline. And she had told them that she new about them. They wrote down her address. They taught her and she was baptized! What a story. I don’t have all the details but its crazy huh?

Really God knows everyone of us. He loves us. He uses others so that we can come closer to our Heavenly Father. I know that each of us as members, have this potential and responsibility. We must learn to develop this tool of listening to the Holy Ghost and we too, can become the servants of the Lord helping others obtain salvation. (Alma 18 I think..) I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Fischer

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