Another Day in the Mission Field

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 6:54 AM
Querida Familia,

Well this week has gone by again. That was interesting to hear about Dads job offer. What a blessing for you guys. There was so not too much that happened this week. But we did meet a less active at church and she brought her daughter. It was a huge blessing because her daughter said that she wanted to get baptized! Blessing. But ya there isn’t too much going on. Except for this past Saturday we had a family night at the bishop’s house. It was so good. The spirit was so strong. It was great to feel the power of the Holy Ghost. It was a message about I think Wilford Woodroof and how he came to know the church. How he was searching for the truth. And finally two missionaries showed up at his door. It was a powerful message and was actually a film we watched that was produced by the church (I think). It was excellent. Its experiences like this that truly makes the mission.

Oh, and today, the mission did the last transfer before the mission change. How sad. I guess a lot of people were crying in the Rio bus station because they didn’t want to leave Sister and Presidente Picket. And guess who got transferred to Rio? Justin. It’s sad, but like the president said everything was done under the will of God.

Really I know that God is our Father. He loves us. He wants the best. This week I was reading an article by Bruce R. Mckonkie. He was telling of how our Father is really just that, our Father. He as a Father wants to counsel with us. That really hit me. When I read that I just felt the truth in that saying. He loves us. He wants to hear from us. I was touched because I have passed some hard times in my life. I know He was there listening, and still is.

Well I hope you all have a great week. Remember to talk to our Father in Heaven. He's there, He lives.

Com Amor,Elder Fischer

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