Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wednesday, May 20, 2009 9:27 AM

Querido Familia,

This week passed so fast. On Wednesday we went to MAC. That really cool art museum. It was fun. The art inside is really strange, but the building was really cool.

But the rest of week we have been having a hard time getting in and teaching. It's been a difficult week. The bonus though was on Saturday; we met someone who seems elect. His name is Reginaldo. After knocking almost all of the doors on this long street, and having a security guard tell us that no one would open the doors, a man standing outside of his house let us in. He said he never stands outside meditating, but this day he did. He accepted everything, and is very smart. He said something like our message was an answer to his prayers. Dont remember everything exactly, but basically it was a huge blessing. Really the Lord does care. He watches over His children.

I pray that we can change whatever we need to, to find more people. This coming week we have our conference in Andarai, Rio! It should be good.

That's great to hear about Jaret´s call. What a great experience it's going to be for him. Ya its too bad that he is not going to Brazil. Ahha. I wanted to talk with him in Portuguese but, even though I still think that maybe we can communicate. Hah.

This week nothing too exciting happened. The same old same old. I was thinking about listing 10 things different in Brazil:

1. They literally eat beans and rice every day
2. Basically they don't have peanut butter
3. Chicken hearts are popular during bbq
4. They throw toilet paper in the toilet
5. When there is a hole in the road they throw garbage, i.e. trees, chunks of wood. Haha it's the funniest thing
6. Gasoline is really expensive 2,49 per liter 3.7 +- equals 1 gallon..imagine
7. Farofa is a flour that you can mix in. It's a root that they mix with seasons its amazing you eat with beans an rice. The u.s. doesn´t have it
8. Motorcycles drive in between the lanes. Its nuts. I actually saw a man on a bike get hit 2 weeks ago. He almost landed right in front of us. They were going pretty slow, but he got injured. No blood. The best part was that the taxi driver who was involved drove off.
9. The stores don´t have a cold drinks sections.
10. Churches don´t pay taxes in brazil!!! That's why there are billions on every corner!!! ha ha

Well I hope you guys have a fun safe time at Candice´s. I hope you all have a great week. Please pray for me with the language. Love you all much! I know that this church is true. Jesus Christ is our savior and light. He died for us, resurrected for us, He is our example!!

Amo voces,
Elder Fischer

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