From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 1:07 PM

Querido família, Boa Tarde do Brasil!

This week flew bye again. But man this week was filled with events. First off my companion went to Rio on Monday night to renew his visa. So another person from my comapions group who is was in Cabo Frio, came to rio also to review his vista and I worked in my area with his companion. It was good. I crossed that big famous bridge that you can see on that crosses the bay guarabara (the huge bay in rio) 4 times between Monday and Tuesday. It was fun haha Then on Tuesday something happened with my nose. I think it was a zit or an ingrown hair sorry for the details. But it got infected and turned into a mess. I will send photos another day. But, man was it bad. I talked with the mission doctor in Sao Paulo and I have been taking antibiotic. It has almost completely healed. Blessing.

Then this Sunday it was great. One of our best investigators was baptized. Irmão Luzia. An elderly woman who use to frequent the maranata church, (I guess this church sings lots of hymns) But ya, She is great. She such an example of scripture study. She has been religiously studying the bible, the Book of Mormon, and the gospel principles manual and now the liahoha we gave her. She just loves the church. Really she was such a blessing to find. She is an example that there are people that are truly elect and waiting. The field really is ready to be harvest. We knocked on her door. She accepted everything. Quit smoking and drinking coffee about 22 years ago due to her health (her doctor said she couldn´t consume these addicting susbstance any more) She was truly prepared. What a blessing. Her baptism was great. The president of the branch baptized her. Its great because she has already made some friendships.

Well as for transfers Im still her in piratininga, Niterói, rio de Janeiro!But it will be great. Just keep sending those missionties to the same address haha

Well I hope you all have a great week!! Im excited to talk to you all this Sunday!!!

Eu amo vocês!!

Elder Fischer

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