Mission to be Split

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 12:12 PM

Calm. The internet sucks pra caramba!

Ahh. im sending you my week long e-mail now! :)
Oi tudo Bem?

This week flew by again!! On Tuesday we had our conference. It was great. I love conferences. There was a lot of great things said. One of things I want to speak about, is our impact in the lives of others. Presidente Pickett gave a talk about the father of the sister in law of Sister Pickett. He served in Brasil for three years. Serving and loving the people he did his best. But as his mission came to an end, he looked to his baptisms to look at his ´´success´´´. How many baptisms had he performed, 1. How could this be? Was he a good elder? As the years passed he received a notice. It was the son of the one man that he had baptized. Turned out that his family had grown in the gospel and his son became a setenna as he is today. Elder Aidukatis. So, did the missionary literally baptize a thousand of people like Amon? No, but the impact that he had was very significant that led to many baptisms. As a matter of fact, The brother of Elder Aidukatis is my Presidente of the Branch. Interesting how small the world is.

Also I have breaking news from the conference.

The president told everyone that our mission will not exisit anymore. . I know. So what will happen? Our mission will become Mission Vitoria. It will not include any cities of rio, except one city, Campos. I already served there. And our mission will include a part of Belo Horizante, other mission that is interiror that is undergoing changes. So our mission will shrink. But what about the missionaries like me in Rio? What will happen. Well, Presidente does not know. Its probable that we will all just go to Espirito Santo. But, there is a chance that we could just stay in the other mission. Interesting huh? I want to stay will President Pickett. But I will go where the Lord wants me to go. Serving the Lord is serving the Lord. Im so grateful for the opportunity to serve. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and Redeemer. He lives. He is the light.

This transfer is coming to an end already. It ends 5 of the May. It's the shortest transfer in the year- 5 weeks.

The work is still going great. My companion and I have been blessed. We have one investigator who is special. She is an elderly lady. Her name is Luzia. She is just eating up the gospel. She quit smoking and drinking coffee about 20 +- years ago because of her health. She is progressing well. She loves the Church. Im really excitied for her. She says that she feels light when she leaves the church. When she reads The Book Of Mormon it is so clear.

Also I received my packages. All of them. Thank you so much it was so great. I can´t begin to describe how thankful I am. Also I received a card from Karina. Tell her thanks. I wrote her a card but I know it will take forever to get there. But can you tell her thanks and that the card is coming? Also, I burned all the pics. Its about 300. I think that it should be enough photos huh? I will mail it tomorrow.!

Well I hope you all have a great week!

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