From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wed 1/21/09 6:42 AM

Querido Familia, Como Vocês Estão?!

Sounds like everyone is working and keeping busy. Thats crazy news about the house market. I never would have guessed that you will rent the house for 1 year. Does that mean that your going to live alone for 1 year? I haven´t received the missiontie. I think there having problems. I haven´t recived pictures from them in ages! You might want to send them a note. But, i did recive the recipie missiontie. haha. I can´t really cook any of those things here in brazil. They don´t have yellow cake mix, lots of peanut butter, or powdered sugar..or i heard they do but you have to buy it at a specialty store or something. Crazyness.!

But, anyways my week passed bye once again fast. It has really warmed up here. Reallly warmed up. I don´t know how hot it is, but in our house in the shade its about 80 degrees with humidity. Outside..thats another story. But, i actually prefer the beating sun rather than the pouring rain and flooded streets hahaha.. i remeber one day we were wading through the streets and the water was about 6 inches above my ankels HAHAHAH.. good times. Truly the mission brings some of the most interesting expereinces. I would not trade it for anything. Well, on to more. We have been teaching some great investigators. Im just praying they will continue to go to Church and continue to progress with the committments ( read, pray).. Its amazing to an investigator truly see that The same church of Jesus Christ ancienlty is upon the earth today. That really, the authority and the Power of God is upon the earth. That in these days we have a prophet, like Moses, Noe, and Abraham. This past Sunday i had the oppertnuity to watch the fireside by Thomas S. Monson. What an inspiring person and prophet of God. I couldn´t understand everything he said in Portguese, but knew what he was saying was the true. The spirit was there. I especially enjoyed the story about the Missionary in Germany. Trully everything happens for a reason.

Talking about Germany, its funny because here in brazil, tons of people think im German. ahaha It makes me laugh.

O And on Monday we had a Zone Conference. We were informed that instead of doing contacts on the street and each missionary having a goal. We will now do ´´conversations´´ together as a companionship and have one goal. Its different. But, whats amazing is that really our mission president recevies revelation. And that really all of the changes he has made on the mission are for a reason. This truly is the work of the Lord.

Well another week is starting. I hope you all will have a great week and remember that no matter how busy we are we need to make time to read the scriptures. Even if its just a couple versus. WE need to get a ´´reboot´´ of spritual fuel and put on the armor of God. I Love you all very much! Keep me updated!! Send pictures!!! well maybe not thorugh missionties becuase i havent recived any if forever from them ahha:)

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive. Realmente, Ele é nosso Salvador, Redentor, e Irmão mais velho. Ele ama cada um de nos e eu sei que através dele nós podemos ser limpos de nossos pecados e sobrepujar qualquer problema nós temos em nossas vidas. Eu sei que revelação pessoal é real. Todo Mundo pode receber. Mas, Nós precisamos buscar e orar e realmente nós vamos achar. Como Jose Smith, Quando nós temos perguntas em nossas vidas, nós precisamos perguntar Deus! Até Mais e Com Amor!!! Bom Trabalho esta semana!!!!""!

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