What's Up Dog?

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 11:24 AM

Querida Família! BOA TARDE!!!!

It sounds like the U.S. this winter hás been hit with a cold spell! Im glad to say its the opposite here! Haha its cookin´ here in Brazil! At times the heat gets to me (we don´t have AC,--but no one does except in the church and the bank! Haha) But, really the sun is great!! Sounds like the inaugration was a huge event! Its great that we made history! Lets hope the future will be prosperous for all!

This week was crazy.

We have been preparing some great investigators for batism. Im so happy for these two.. Its a mom named Alexandra, and her daughter Sará. They are very special. Really meeting them and sharing the gospel with them hás been a great blessing and wonderful oppertnuity. They have made friends with the couple that got married and baptized during the begining of this month. Wow. The gospel is real!

O i also recived a bunch of missionties from you all! Thanks !! Its funny because they come in bunches. I got one before you guys (mom and dad) went to colorado and when you were there. The mail system is delayed. The pictures. Well, i think they are wayyy backlogged or something because i recived two pictures.. One of the deck and the kitchen. Looks great! J Im sad to say good bye to that house! I have such great memories. Im so glad to have you all. Really, i feel blessed to have the family I do. Getting letters from you all truly makes my day. I feel so blessed that we can truly live together forever!

This coming week (Tuesday, the 3rd )we have conference in Macaé. Transfers are the 18th of February. Im excited to see what will happen. O i found out that my last companion is with Elder Maier in Fonseca-niteroi! (a city outside of Rio) Que legal!! (how cool!)..

O and Still im learning the language to awnser your question. It really is a difficult thing. But, i know that through the Lord anything is possible. I have already felt His blessings and the help He hás blessed me with. But please, pray for me!

Well i hope you all have a great week! Remeber that when times look gloomy things will turn out right in the end. Have hope, have faith. Remeber the talk given by Utcdorf in conference. `´Esperança!! Continue to do what is right, for the righetous shall not fear. We are all truly blessed to have the truth and the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That we know that The Chruch of Jesus Christ was restored. That we know we have a prophet on the earth today just like Adam, Moses, or Noah. We have the truth. We need to be the beacon of light for others. We need to be steadfeast, faithful, and virtous. We need to be na example becuase as members, we represent His Church. Mom, i liked the quote you sent about our days that The Church hás never been so organized and strong on the earth before, but also the adversary and his army too, have never been so strong. WE are the Army. We need to wear are ARMOR!! I wish you all the best! . Have a great week!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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