From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 7:50 AM

Queirda Familia

Another week passed away. It interesting how fast the time goes bye. This week we have been really trying hard to find investigators. It's getting a bit difficult. We have been running after references, knocking doors, and making contacts! I pray as we continue to work we can find our elects so we reach our goal of two baptisms!! I know its possible. The Lord wants us to! This past Sunday we had an investigator in the church. Her name is Conceição. She liked church. I know she felt the spirit. I hope she continues to search for an anwser, for this is truly what she has been looking for. She told us that she has material things and she is not happy. She asked her padre why she isn´t happy, he told her that she is happy even though she doesn´t feel like it?? Ha ha I pray that she continues to pray so that she accpets getting baptized with her son on the 30th. IT would be great! We had also been teaching a family that was progressing but when we went to take them to church. They didn´t want to come and turned lazy. I was feeling like there was something wrong with the family.

Today I'm going to Vitoria. Tomorrow I have a training at President's house. All the district leaders are going. It should be really great. President is such a great man of God. I hope I can understand what I need to do better to find the elects in our area and really turn this area around. I just pray that my companion and I can find the elects this week. I know that this is the true Church of Christ. I know we have hard times. And these hard times help us reconginze our need of the Lord; for we remember the blessings we have been blessed with. As we continue to do what is right we will be blessed. We receive the help we need to change our situation and become the discple of Christ that the Lords wants us to be. But it starts with a desire and patience. The mission has been interesting. I have had some really hard times, but I had have had some amazing experiences too! Whatever the situation we need to have faith and patience. We can´t give up.

Well I hope you all have a great week.

Com amor,
Elder Fischer

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