From: Jonathan Jarett Fischer
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2010 8:03 AM

Querida família,

Wow! I have been transfered!!!! Im so excited about this area!! Its amazing! Im in a area called itapoã!1 And I'm training!! I' m so happy. The ward here is great!! I'm training an American called Elder Hall, which is a friend of my other son, Elder hein!! Its way cool. We started running in the mornings. Its great. Elder Hall is a great elder and really wants to work hard. This ward has a beautiful church. Wow its two stories and brand new. Next week I will send you a photo ! Its amazing. We have been really working hard trying to find news and we have been blessed with great members and their references. I love this area. I'm in the part of Vila Velha, which is really close to Vitoria. Im actually in the Elder Maiers zone. Its way cool.

Here's my new address for mission ties:
R: Miracema #129
Vila Velha, E.S.
Send me missionties please!!

Also i feel so blessed I received my contacts and package from Valentines Day! Thanks mom it really makes a difference. I feel spoiled to have contacts.

Well there isn´t more to tell. I love training Americans. It's great,. Oh and another missionary that arrived with my ´son´´ said that his mom was reading my blog!! Way to go mom! I can´t wait to see it! Only 3 more months! Can you belive it!! In a little bit I will be home. I just need to find the elects here in this area before I leave.

Well that’s it for this week! I want to hear from you all! Whats the latest! It sounds like Niki is excited now! She's going to have a girl!! Ha ha ha! I can just imagine a little browned black haired girl running around screaming with Casch! Ha ha what a riot!

I know that this truly is the Lord´s work. The Lord loves each one of us. He wants to have the joy he has. But we must do our part. As scripture for this transfer says. We need to have charity. We need to love one another. I know that this is true . We must become true disciples of Christ. I know that God wants the best for us!

Eu espero que vocês tenham uma boa semana! Eu sei que através das coisas pequenas e simples as grandes são realizadas e por isso devemos orar sempre! Lembre-se que as escrituras são nossas fontes da verdade e fazem com que sejamos fortalecidos contra as tentações que nos acercam! Eu sei que esta é a Igreja de Jesus Cristo!

Tia Susan! All Will be fine. As missionaries we are protected. Without a doubt your son is with good health. Trust in the Lord and not worry, for not long you will hear from him. Love you!

Com Amor
Elder Fischer

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