From: Elder Jonathan Fischer Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 11:09 AMF

Boa Tarde de Campos, Brasil! Como vocês estão?! Another week hás flown bye!! Nothing too excited last week, but this week hás been crazy.

Monday I had a division with another ward ´´Quissamã´´ The division was for two days! I remained in my área and my companion was a new braizilian missionary! It was a great time to work with him. This week we have a meta to speak with or do 700 conversas or more!!! Its going to be crazy. To help accomplish this we have been doing ´´BEHAGS´´ (Big Hairy Adacious Goals) like standing up on the bus and speaking with everyone. Its been crazy. Its amazing how much more people are open to religion than the united states. I truly feel blessed to be here where people accept religion.

Then today we had a zone activity. It was great. We went to one of the bishops house and had a Churrasco ´´bbq´´ and played futebol (soccer). It was great. He hás a big house with a court. It was a great time.

It sounds like you guys had a great time. I hoped you did J I want to see pictures. Im anxious to see what will happen this transfer. If i will stay or go to another área. It would be great to visit another área, but what the Lord wants will happen. Also we had a family night at the house of one of our recent converts. Angélica; I hope you all remeber he she was married and baptized on the same day. Anyways its been great to see her grasp the gospel and help us teach two o four other recent converts and investigators. For example she gave the message for family night on the baiscs of the church. She did this to help our investigators understand the church´s culture. Really its hard to explain the growth i have seen in her. Shes my mom in brazil and her husband in my pai J Its going to be hard to see them go. They call me their child haha.

I recieved a letter from Bryan this week. It sure is interesting to see what the mission does for a young man. He truly hás grown so much and hás had some very spritual expereiences;. What a blessing. I feel so blessed to be on the mission and help find those that are waiting to hear the gospel. Truly there are ´´elects´´ waiting to hear the gospel. There is a missionary that arrived this transfer that hás been a memeber for only 1 year and a half i think. He really is na example of missionary work. He told how when he left for the mission two people were baptized in his family. Hes in his first transfer still!! What a great blessing for him.
I know that this work is real and as we come closer to the Lord we are able to have spirtual experiences-anyone! I encourage you all this week to set a goal to come closer to the Lord. As you study your scriptures everyday, pray, fast, and go to the temple you will begin to see the hand of the Lord in your lives. I hope you are all doing great! Im so grateful for everyone one of you!! Let me know whats new?!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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Dawgfan400 said...

Hi from your Bend Family. Love keeping up with Jonathan through the Blog. Amazing experience our Young Men are having. We are also getting more involved with the missionaries here to do our part. It's all good. Kelsey is going to BYU!!! We're all excited for her. From the house of the cats & dogs.
Cindy Briggs