From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 11:06 AM

Querido Familia

First of the computers here shut down when i was writing my e-mail. So i lost a lot of time.

Heres the scoop. Those pictures you saw are not my area. Today im in that area you saw in the picutres for p-day. But i live 30 mintues from this place (niteroi) and i work in an area that remains 40 minutes from my house. Its a little bit annoying. But all is well. My area has lots of rich people. And its hard to teach. But has some poor areas too. Kinda weird. WE will see. The church is a house. Its a branch. Time will tell! Hope for the best!! Carnaval was normal we returned to our house at 7 oclock. Nothing to exciting happened, I saw a band and some weird people in costumes diferente.

My address is Rua: Olivia Lopes N:22 Ap 303 Arsenal- São Gonçalo, RJ24400-000

Thanks for all that you do. Really i feel blessed to have had the experiences i´ve had with all of you. Its interesting what you wrote in the last e-mail about that you wrote about the economia and stuff. But, we need to remeber that things need to get worse before the second coming. Its not a shock but evidence of what will happen. We must stand strong and remeber to keep fighting the battle. We need to put on the armor of God. I found some great scriptures this week about trials in our lives. D and C 121:7, 122:7, and 112:10. Truly the Lord will comfort us in our trials. He anwsers our prayers. He loves us and will not abandon us. We need to remember to follow the promtings of the Holy Ghost and keep the commandments. This allows revelation to enter in our lives. Remeber that we our truly childeren of a Heavenly Father. Let us follow the lord and not be like those that ignored Abindai´s preachings. We have the truth, lets hold to the rod.

I love you all very much! Don´t have a lot of time o and about my present if u can send Jesus The Christ. And The yellow gel call ´´Glued´´ you can by at safeway, ITs only 6 dollars and last for 7 months ! Please :)

Tchau! Eu amo vocês!!!! Elder Fischer

p.s. Pray for my saude (health) i have a virus called mouth hand and foot disease. IT will go away in a couple of dayd. Buts the sores in my mouth are a little painful. Don´t worry just pray Talked with an american doctor thats a member on the phone all is well:) Pray for help with the language. Thanks for your prayers!

Love you all much

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