From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 8:02 AM

Querida Familia,

Boa Tarde de Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL!!!

I was transfered.!!!! Im in niterói, RJ. Its about 1 hour out of RIO. I don´t know what my area is like.

It was great to see everyone in the bus station in RIO. I have just heard that there is tons of rich people and beachs. Haha. Sadly, this is not a good thing, because its hard to spread the word with this type of class. Im actually in a branch not a ward.

I´m excited to see what will happen!! My companion is brazilian and if from the northern part of Brazil. This will be his last transfer on the mission. I hoping it will be good. Im a little scared because I will have to learn the area really fast. But, im really exicted because an elder from my group (was in the ctm with me) is living in my apartment. He is way cool. He lives close to niki in South Jordan I think. Im really exicted to be here in Niteroi. I have heard lots of really great things about. And, Elder Gann, my trainer is in the other zone really close. When we will have conference I will meet up with him.

Well it sounds like Seattle is getting a little tiresome. Im sorry. But, like you said, ponder about what the Lord wants. At times its hard when we want so badly to do something. Especially when its for a good purpose. But like the talk that was given in a general conference, there is good and there is better and the best. Really, the best is the Lords way. We must search, ponder and pray to seek after his way. I have been pondering a lot about the mission. It really has gone by fast. It has had its ups and downs. It's the good times and it's the bad times. But, seeing the gospel work in the lives of His children is what makes the difference and makes the mission an experience of a life time.

Yesterday I said good bye to a couple that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have written many times about them (angelica and Rodrigo). They truly are amazing people. When I arrived their two daughters had been baptized. And as I was in Campos I had the privilege to watch them grow more in the gospel become married and had the honor to help them enter in the sacred covenant of baptism. It was a cry fest as I left their house last night. I will never forget them. Truly, when you guys come to brazil I want so badly to pass by Campos. It would be easy since we could pass through campos on our way to Bouzios or Cabo Frio. Angelica, my mother in brazil J Really wants to know you mom.

I feel so grateful for the opportunities I have had on the mission. But feel so grateful for the family that I have. Truly, your support is a driving force that gives me the strength to get through the days of rejection, language difficult and companion differences. I love each and every one of you. I know that God loves each and everyone of us. I feel blessed to have been shown the way and if I remain faithful, we can live together forever.

Mom I didn´t recive a package during transfers. But o well. Thanks for sending it at least. That sounds great about Tori´s friend´s dad. I will definitely keep that in mind. And yes her name is Samanatha. I remember looking at her fotos shes been to the taje mahal in India!! What a life style. Keep me updated on this connection J; Well I wish you the best and continue to pray for you! Love you much

p.s. i saw a cruise ship in the rio bay..i thought of our cruise :)

Elder Fischer J

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