Querida Familia,

Mom, sounds like you guys had a good time at Jarett´s farewell. I bet it was great. What a exciting time for him. When does Garret leave? When you get Jarett´s address send it to me please!! But,as for this week...

Wow, we have been teaching a very special couple, Madalena and Rafael. They went with a member this week and turned in their papers to get married!! They have a date!! They are going to get married in our newly reformed chapel on 17th of October and on Sunday they are going to get baptized!!!! Really it has been a great blessing to get to know them. I will never forget the friendship that I have made with them. Truly there are so many blessings that come from the mission. They are just so special. Also we have been working with a young kid (rapaz) named Junior. He is a very excited the baptism. He has a date for the 27 of September. I pray that all goes well. He is a friend of an member in our ward.

Other than that. Not to much has happened. We have been working really hard this month. And becuase of our effort, the Lord has blessed us. We just need to continue to work so that we can acheive our goals. I can always do better.

I'm hoping that this month we can go to the factory of chocolate. It's way cool. I want to take pictures this time if we go. It's way cool. But nothing new here. I just know that this truly is the Lord´s work. We are living in the last days. We have the truth. We must never forget our potential. We are members of the true Church of Jesus Chirst. He is the Head of this Church and His apostoles and Prophets are leading His Church. How blessed we are to live in this last dispensation. I'm so excited for conference. I'm pryaing that I can watch it in English!! It's hard to describe, but hearing the phophet and apostles in my own language---its amazing..The spirit seems more close.

Well I hope you all have a great week! I love hearing from you all! I want to hear more! Thanks for all that you do!! I continue to pray for you all!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

Eu quero agradecer a vocês por tudo que vocês têm feito por mim em minha vida. Quão abençoado sou eu! Muito Obrigado. Eu sei que as famílias podem ser eternas. Mas, nós temos que nos esforçar todos os dias! Se fizermos isso, nós perseveraremos ate o fim e herdaremos vida eterna!. Eu espero que vocês tenham uma boa semana, e eu quero que vocês saibam que eu amo vocês muito!! Nunca se esqueçam disso!! Eu espero que vocês traduzam o que eu escrevi! 

Mom, thanks for all you !! Love you much

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