From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 6:50 am

Queirda familia,

Another week hás gone bye. This week was good. The mail strike is still going on as far as i know..haha But here's the highlights:

On Friday we had our conference. It was so good. It was focused on following the spirit. It was very uplifting. For the Holy Ghost truly converts the people. We are the instruments, but we need to be worthy and willing to be holders of the spirit, so that the spirit can testify of the truth. The holy ghost is amazing. It's power is undeniable. We discussed many of the fruits that come from the Holy Ghost. The spirit leads, guides, warns, teaches, and offers many blessings to the diligent and worthy children of God. We are all able to partake of these fruits. But, first we need to have the desire. What a great blessing we have as members of the church. The Lord loves each one of us.

Then on Sunday my companion and I were blessed with a baptism. What a special kid junior is. He is a friend of a member. He truly is an elect. Didn´t have any problems-He is an example that truly there are the Lord´s elects that are waiting to hear of the restoration. But whats even more interesting is that a memeber took him to the church. He was brought to know of the truth through a member. Truly as members we have a huge influence on others. Let us never forget the potetinal we have. Speaking of members....

A member in our ward here in Jardim Limoeiro decided to give a pass along card. As a result the woman than accpeted the card told him that she had visited the church (6 years ago) and was willing to go to church with him that Sunday. He took her to church and what happened? She loved it. She stayed to watch the baptism that happened and later that evening we taught her. What a miracle;. She is going to watch conference with us on Saturday. She is great. I pray that she can recieve an anwser that we are members of the church of Jesus Christ and that today we have 12 apostles and a living prophet that guides the world. How blessed we are!

Miracles happen. We are living in the last days. We are members entitled to the guidance of the spirit-but me must be worthy of the blessings that come from the spirit. Miracles can happen in our lives. We just need to put our faith in action and need to be willingly to put forth the effort. Im so excited for conference this week. Its going to be great. My testimony has grown so much in the regards to the leadership of the Church of Jesus Chirst. We are so privileged to be living in a dispensation! What a blessing.

Well I hope you all have a great conference week! I hope you all get to watch all of the sessions! Don´t miss out!

Com Amor,

Elder Fischer

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