From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 5:23 AM

Queirda Família,

This week was amazing. It was a week of miracles. For we know that they exist.
On Monday we received an e-mail from President that told us that we needed to set really crazy goals and try to get them this week. And that’s when the miracles started.

This week we were really blessed. We found so many new people and marked dates. It was such a blessing. I know that this is the Lord's work, for if this truly was not I would not have received the help that I do and have found the people that have been waiting for it. It incredible to see how real this work is. This is the Lord's church. We must never forget. We have evidences or special experiences that show us each one of us that these things are true. I am so grateful to be a member of the Church. To be here in the Vitoria mission. To be in Jardim Limoeiro. What a blessed area. The field is truly white and ready to harvest. We must do our best.

Also on Domingo it was great to see Geovane confirmed and see Rafael (the husband of Madalena) receive the priesthood. And Josimar, one of investigators came to church also. He is really cool. He told me this week that he has already been to so many churches been baptized and still has not found the church that he likes. He has accepted everything. I hope that he continues to have the desire to be baptized on the 6th of December. What a marvelous work and wonder. We are living in an era that is very special. A chosen era. We must be the examples as members.

I feel so grateful to have served in this area. I don´t know if I will stay because transfers are next Tuesday. But whatever it will be. I know that it will be the Lords will- for President Pickett is truly inspired.

I feel so grateful for all of you, My family. Its amazing how fast the time goes. I still can´t believe how much can change in 2 years. I am so thankful that we have the truth. That through whatever trials we can endure, for the Lord gives us the support and strength to overcome the trials. I feel so grateful for the numerous cards and presents that I have received from you all during this time. What a blessing. What courage your cards give me. I love you all very much. I am so grateful for the parents that I have been given that showed me the way. They taught me the importance of the gospel and the blessing that come as we diligently follow it. They taught me the importance of never giving up; that whatever trials we have we can overcome. That Christ already passed them for us. We must follow His example. They are examples to me. Mom and Dad- Thank you.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I wish and pray that you are all safe and healthy.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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