From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 6:21 AM

Querida Familia,

This week was great. The news is that I'm still here in Jardim Limoeiro. I'm happy here, the ward is just great! Actually I'm really excited because my new companion is new! I'm a father as we say on the mission. He's way cool. He's from Lynden Utah. I'm really excited to show him what Brasil is like. This week was great.

We have been teaching two really great rapazes (young men). They both have a date to be baptized on the 8th of November. I pray and hope that they can continue to progess and can enter into the Holy covenant of Baptism. And then on Sunday it was a great experience. I was able to watch Madalena and Rafael complete the other part of the baptism. For they recived the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a special experience. I will never forget them. What a marvelous couple they are. I can not express the love that I have for them. They are beginning to grow in the gospel. Madalena is really excited. She even went with the president of the Relief Society to visit less active sisters!! She is so great! I feel really blessed to have known this great couple. Then we were blessed by a man that came to the church. Actually my companion and I made a contact with him on the street. And I think we couldn't set up a time with him so I just told him where the church was. He was really cool but just let it pass my mind. Then on Sunday he showed up at the church!! He said he had gotten on the bus and then asked someone on the bus (who luckily is a member ) where the church was. And he arrived. He is way cool. I'm hoping that we can teach him and he continues to have the desire to learn more about the Restoration of the gospel.Also this week we received another dupla of missionaries in are area. Acutally are area split!! It was so cool. So now there are 4 of us in apartment. I'm excited because the other senior missionary was my companion in Rio. It's going to be great. I'm really excited for this transfer!

Well I hope you are all well. Just remember that we must hang in there. Even when we have trials we must endure to the end. As the prophet said we need to have happiness in the journey of life. We must look for the best in all things. For if we do our part, the Lord will keep His promises and we will be blessed. I love you all much. I hope all goes well! Today we are going to go buy furniture for our apartment! Ha ha we need beds for the other elders!Also on friday we are having our conference! Elder Jay Jesen from the seventy is going to visit. It should be really good. Im excited!!

Com Amor
Elder Fischer

p.s. thanks for all you letters! I got the missionties! I can't believe all the snow that hit Colorado! I hope Aaron is better! I wish all a great week!!

p.s.s i still can´t beleive what happened with Sandy. It's almost like a movie. I can´t beleive it. How are the kids ? What are they doing? Thats really sad. I hope that the kids remain firm in the gospel. How did you find out about her death?

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