From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Mon 12/28/2009 8:45 AM

Querida Familia,

Boa Tarde,

Well there isn´t too much news this week since I talked with you guys this past week. It was really great to hear from you all. I can´t believe how fast the time went. This week other than call you guys we had our conference with Presidente Pickett. It was good.
In the conference we watched Apollo 13. It was very interesting. I have already seen the film, but I had never made the connections to the gospel that one can draw upon watching the film. For in the film I was able to understand that we need to rely on the communication and support of the ´´Holy Ghost`´ to guide us in our lives so we can really avoid dangers in our journey here on earth. 
I'm excited for January. I'm hoping that my companion and I can really get going here in this area and baptize the people that are waiting to hear the gospel. Right now we are working with a Lady called Maria Aparacida. She is the mother of a man that lives in another city. Actually Cariacica where I have already worked. Anyways we went to the lady´s house this week and she accepted the baptism invitation and she went to church on Sunday! Even though she lives in another small town about 20 miles by bus!! I was excited. Then we also have been teaching a young man named Renan. He is way cool. We have been teaching him and he went to church yesterday. He told us that he wasn´t ready to be baptized on the 10th of Jan after we had marked a date with him. But then we told him that if he read and prayed he would receive an answer and then we asked him if he received an answer if he would be baptized on the 10? He said yes. I pray that he recognizes the answer the Lord gives him. We are going to his house today.
Well it sounds like you all had a great Christmas. I hope that you all have a great new year. Remember that we need to make new goals for this year! For as we mark goals to change and develop the Christlike attributes we become His disciples. I know that this is the true Church of Christ. I know that God loves each and everyone of us. I know that we need to control our thoughts and behaviors so that one day we can become more like our Savior and return to live with Him. I love the Holy Ghost and I know that He guides us and as we truly listen we can avoid the dangerous things in life whether they be physical or spiritual. I wish the best for you all! Have a great week.
Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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