Boa Tarde!‏

Olá Familia!

Tudo bem? Its another beautiful day in Casa Verde, São Paulo Brazil. It has been amazing weather. I just wish we got to see more of it. It has not rained a single day. I love the winters down here. There not too hot and the nights are mild. Its perfect. So before i give a recap of this week, I thought i would first recall my last statement in my previous letter. I DID NOT attend the Curitiba Temple haha, it was the Campinas TEMPLE, which was dedicated in 2002 and i went there again today. It looks new and I was really tired when i got there, and the bus ride was long so i got confused haha. But nontheless it was beuatiful. The session is in English, becuase there are so many of us Elders. But everyting else is in Portugués. Its na amazing experience. This week has been really intense. We have finished our lessons in English and are now practing our lessons in Portugués. I love the language but it is really dificult. I have to learn how to ´´re-wire´´ my brain becuase, even the sentence structure is different. Mas, nontheless I love it. The food has continuned to be good. The meat here is so incredible and the Juices they have-Niki you would die J haha. There so good. As for my district, were all kinda getting along. Elder Maier is our district leader. It seems like most of the Missionaries in the CTM are from Utah. Its hilarious. O and to anwser your question about the Elders that come in to the CTM its not very many at all. We get amercians and brazilians in once a week. And there are only around 230 in the CTM. Its crazy. I love how there is not a lot, becuase then it seems more like a big family. Its crazy to hear about everyone´s missions. There is this district on my floor, where about half of them are going to Belem.. Its in the Amazon. They were only allowed to bring one bag and one carryon. The mission is located way in the north of Brazil. It sounds pretty intense. Well i hope i get a letters soon. Haha I haven´t received one yet. L O and if your wondering why my spelling is kinda weird, the computer im using in Portugues word so it will turn some words like A N into NA. Haha Eu sei que Joseph Smith é o profeta de Deus. Eu sei que Deus nos ama e nos somos seus de Deus. Eu sei que O Livro de Mórmon é veraderio!! Eu acredito em Cristo! p.s. Mom I can´t print the pictues so if you can send some in the mail that would be great.

Love you all so much.
Elder fischer

Well I hope all is going well, I don´t have much time, but send me letters! The Mail strike ended about 5 days ago. Mail here is extremely slow.. Boa Tarde

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