From: Elder Jonathan Fischer jonathan.j.fischer
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 5:45 AM
Oi Família, Boa TARDE!!
Eu so muito gratos por vocês!!
Realmente, vocês são meu luz.

Well this week was crazy. HERES the breakdown Saturday we had a baptism!! It was great. But the thing is...the parents are memebers and the daughter had not been baptised yet and she was almost 10. So, it became ours.. haha. I feel like i did nothing to help her be baptized. Haha.. Kinda strange for my first baptism. But, nontheless, it was great to see another one of God´s childeren enter into the sacred covenant of Baptism.

The mission hás been such a growing expereince. The next event that happened this week visit to the Hospital.. haha..But, don´t worry it was not bad.Monday night, i was feeling to good. I came home that night and felt more hot than normal.. haha I took my tempture and realized that i had a fever. It suddenly was rising so one of the members of the ward took us to the hospital. My fever hit 102.5 F! haha. But everyting turned out fine. They gave me a shot. The next day i rested. And then i have been pretty good. My ear is being treated with a higher dose of amoxicillian. 875mg every 12 hours. It will be fine. Seriously, i thank you all for your prayers. I know that i have been blessed significantly. Thank you J

The next event was yesterday! We went to Macaé for conferencia. It was great. Its always great to meet up with everyone and talk with President. He is na amazing man. And sister Pickett also. They are so great. It was a great week. But im really excited for this coming week, becuase we have a lot of investigators to work with. The Lord hás truly blessed us with these new investigators. I pray that this rush of new work will continue. Thanks for all of your prayers,

Love you all much
Com Amor,

Elder Fischer

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