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Sent: Wed 12/03/08 5:50 AM

Caro Família, Boa Tarde de Brasil!!!

Esta semana foi rápida de novo. Todos as semana passam muito rápida. Isso é uma benção!Então, Minha semana inclui:

On Saturday my companion nad i had a batism. I truly feel blessed. To give some background information. She is 9 years old, and her parents have been afastado (inactive). Her mom is still inactive, but her dad has been going to church ever since I arrived here in Campos. So, he wanted to have his daughter be baptized. It was a great experience, because the spirit was so strong at the baptism. Which was great because the mother was there. She seemed happy. It was funny though because I had been teaching the English class at the church for a few weeks and had been teaching her. And so she wanted me to baptize her. It was a great honor. The lord has truly blessed me. But, it was funny because the first time I said the baptism I stopped in the middle and totally forgot what to say..haha but then I just started from the beginning and it was fine. Haha  It was a great experience.

Then the next event. That Sunday, we had a combined meeting in the first hour (our sacrament meeting is at the end) and the bishop spoke. He is an amazing man. He is a great family. But hes only 26! But, he is very very spiritual. He spoke on something I thought was really interesting. He spoke on the Second coming. And stated that we need to prepare for the second coming because, really, its soon. He said we need to be ready to do the law of consecration. I find this very interesting because recently there has been a lot said about how we really need to preprare. General conference! I truly think that we are approaching the end of this dispensation. We are approaching the day when our savior and redeemder will come and rein with glory and power. Just look at the natural disasters that are hitting our earth. Here in the south of brazil. Tons of people recently died to flooding. We have a newspaper in our house and it looks like Katrina hit the place. Ironic cause its called..Santa Cantarina…. Really though.. we need to prepare.

Well I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving and week. I think about and pray for all of you everyday. I feel so blessed to have all in my life. Keep sending the letters! And I can´t wait to hear from you all at Christmas!!

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer
p.s. please pray that I will continue to receive help with the language. Thanks

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