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Sent: Thu 11/27/2008 6:06 AM

Oi Familia, Feliz Dia de Ação de Graças!!!

Another week hás flown bye!! Well heres the highlights. First off, I am to remain in Campos, RJ! Im so excited becuase me and my companion have been working with some great people and i want to continue to help them. What a blessing it is. My companion is to remain with me as well. But, an elder in our casa was transfered. WE got a new Elder-Hes brazilian! He seems way cool. Hes from São Paulo, and was a body builder. Well onto the next highlight.

A walmart opened up!! I never thought i would be so happy. Haha.. It is so nice. We went there yesterday (26/11/2008). It is almost a slice of América. Haha.

The next highlight of the week is the raaaaain. It hás been pouring like crazy!! I will attach a foto o four street. In fact, right now our street is flooded. Its the most it hás ever been. And i guess in the south of Brazil, Santa Cantarina. They had huge flooding problems. Many have been killed. It really is a manifestation that we are living in the last days. The next event- There was a chemical spill in our water system in Campos. Haha.. So for 10 days we are out of water. Taking a shower this morning sure was interesting haha.. I feel so grateful for so many things. The mission really hás helped me to realize the many blessings that i have been given in my life.

Especially all you. I feel so grateful to have you all as my family. And i feel even more happy that we have the oppertunty to live together for ever. What a blessing. We have eternity to be together. It reminds me of the Scripture i found this morning as i was pondering this. Moisah 2:41. (look it up) Those that keep the commandments truly are blessed. And if we endure we can recive the best gift of all-Eternal life. What a blessing. Another thing i was thinking of since today is thanksgiving.. ? haha.. (i miss you all) ..Is feasting..but no on food but on the scriptures. It reminds me of the talk that Presidente Richardson gave about feasting on the scriptures. We need to remember to ´´feast upon the scriptures´´ and truly we will be edified and filled with the spirit of God. (Look at 2 nefi 32:3!) Especially today. We are in a battle, and we need to put on our armor .. The Armor of God.

Well i hope all is going well and i wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. What a great time to remember all of the blessings the Lord hás given us. Beucase we truly are nothing without our dear Heavenly Father.

Com Amor,
Elder Fischer

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