Olha Família!!‏

Olha Família!

This week has been pretty good. The weather is still shining, at a perfect temperature of about 70 degrees. I love Brazil winters. And today was another great trip to the Campinas Temple. It is so beautiful. Anways, heres the recap of my week: On July 16th I passed off my Portugues Street contact for the 1st liçao. I still can´t beleive how much the Lord has blessed me and learing the language. The Lord truly blesses His Servants. On July 18th, I started my day off with a hair cut. It was interesting. Haha. The Barber at the CTM is a character. He sings while he cuts hair, and will just talk to other people without looking at where hes cutting. He is so funny. Later that day or sometime that week our district was told by another teacher stories about Rio. Some off them I will hold back, haha-but one that I really liked was that Irmão Lopez (Brother Lopez) served in Rio and on his mission he was teaching this couple that were really nice. They lived in a sketch neighborhood, and were always very hospitable to the missionaries. They continuted to teach them and wanted to challenge him them to be Baptized. However, the members of the Ward told them that was not a good idea. Irmão Lopez wonder why, and they said that it was becase he Was a Drug Lord. Haha. Nonethelless, Lopez still kept in contact with them and the ´´Drug Lord´´ and his gang would always look out for him and his companion. He said that late one night he told them to avoid these certain areas so that they could get home safely. The people in Brazil seem to love the missionaries-even the drug Lords. Haha. So Mom, don´t worry if i send home pictures with Drug Lords. Haha Irmão Lopez said he has a picture taken with His companion, Him and the Drug Lord´s friends with their guns. This past sunday was also great. Me and my companion watched about the last 30 mins of Joseph Smith –The Restoration, which was a great movie! The spirirt is very strong when you watch it. Last night was our last night with our Brazilian companions. They were great to have. They would always try to help us with our Portuguese. Its weird how we arrived a day before them and yet they are already gone. WE also had a district from out Branch head out this morning. It was the three kids that I knew from BYU-Idaho. Well other than these events, this pást week has been just the ususal. Lots of study, great devotionals, lots of food, more food, and more study. We have also started on our Portugues medium lesson. Its crazy how fast things are going; I´m really excited for Friday. We going to the ´´Wall street ´´of São Paulo to go proselyting. Its going to be a great experience. I think each companionship gets to pass out about three Boom of Mormons. I´m kinda nervous. O just a heads up, this past week another mail strike occured and officially ended yesterday. The mail system has been pretty crazy these past three weeks. I´m just glad that we have been blessed to use the internet. I stil have not recieved and acutal letter. Haha Well hope all goes well this coming week. Keep sending the letters that hopefully one day they will get to me,

Elder Fischer

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