From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:43 AM

Oi Família ! Boa TARDe!! Another week hás flown bye! This week was really packed. Here is the rundown for the week. This past Friday we had a wedding and batism at the chapel!! It was great. It was the other district batism, but they wanted to use our chapel becuase it is so nice!! It was way cool becuase right after they were married, the husband got baptised. And then they partied. This guy was way cool tôo.He use to be a judge for about 40 years in Curitiba and so there were people from all over Brazil that came. Now he is a professor at the college here and teaches the course for those that going to be come judges. He is really excited about the gospel. In fact, he hás already planned is date to go to the temple!! And he is planning on serving a mission with his wife. He said that he hás visted all over the world with all types of cultures, but hás never before found these eternal truths- The true gospel Princples of Jesus Christ. What na amazing conversion. My companion felt like he had been taught when he conducted the batismal interview. The next event this week was the heat!! It got up 95 degrees!! Wow, and its only primavera (spring)!! Im going to die when verão (summer) comes around. Speaking of winter-the stores here have already put out Christmas decorations. Haha Its so funny. Thats pretty much it for this week. But today, im going to the doctor!! Haha I think i have na ear invection and i have something wrong with my throat. But, it will all work out. It should be na interesting exeperience. Here they have these clinics that are free and everyone can go to.. Ill have to let you know how it góes since-the way it sounds like the elections are going in America, thats what everyone will be doing! Haha .. jk Well i hope all is going well. And Remeber that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a blessing in our lives. That having this blessing is something we need to share. We are living in the last days ´´Úlitmos Dias´´ and NOW is the time to share the gospel and bring salvation to others. Christ hás already come once- the time of trying is past, IT IS THE TIME TO DO! The Second coming is not far off. I wish you all the Best. Remember that solence comes to those that read and ESTUDAR (study) the scriptures. Its brings tranquility into our lives. They help guide us-they are our Liahona !

Com Amor,

Elder Fischer

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