Our Tirals bring us Blessings‏

From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Wed 10/22/08 9:08 AM

Oi Familia!

This week flew bye! It sounds like everyone is doing well! Gotta love that. Its amazing to see the hand of the Lord in our lives. What a blessing. As for this week it was pretty much the same as the last. But there are a few highlights! First, the weather has a taken a huge step in change. Now that it is primavera (spring) the weather has dumped rain and sent the heat!! Man, its crazy how hott it can get here. But, its fine..hah the funny thing is that its only Spring.. haha Second, me and my companion have been working with some great new investigators. I hope they progress and follow the example of the Savior into Baptisim. Its interesting becuase, it seems like every person has their own trial they have to get through. And man, i have seen some trials that people have. But, through Fé (faith), and obedience, and the Goodness of God, I know they are able to overcome their problems. The difficulty is that sometimes the people here do not want to put in the effort. Thats when it is sad. One of the trials here in brazil is that no one gets married here. I think its mostley becuase they don´t want to jump through the hoops-becuase here in brazil its really expensive for the average ´´joe´´ and 2. there are a bunch of papers that you need to fill out -- and then once you have done that it takes about 90 days for the papers to process. Well anyways, I don´t have a lot of time to write more becuase i will be sending pictures this week. Imnot allowed to upload them on snapfish.com -mom :( So its going to take a whilele I hope you allhave a great week. Remember that God Loves us and that even though we have trials we will be lifted up. We can turn oursuffering to the Lord. We can feel his Love, and through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, we can overcome our suffering in this life. WE become stronger through our weaknessed, and our trials help prepare us for the next highlight in our life. Let us be steadfeast in our Scripture reading and personal, and familyprayers. Through our effort, we become blessed. I wish you all the best, and feel undescribable gratitude for you all. You have trully helped me in my life. And feel so grateful and privelleged to have you as my family and have the oppertunity to live with all of you through out eternity.

Com Amor,


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