Oi Familia! What a week! Geeze. Its been really crazy. The plane ride was certainaly long ahah. But its great to be here at the CTM. In fact, on the way down we were missing 11 Elders on our plane. 8 of them missed there flight, and 3 did not recieve Visas yet. Not only did the 8 miss there flight, but when they got on the next flight down to Sao Paulo, Brazil from Dallas, TX- they had to fly back after about 45 mins due to Mechanical problems. They showed up at the CTM around 10:30p.m. Anyways, on to the rest of the week. I love portuguese. It is difficult but very fun. Eu falo um poco di portugése! Another event that happened this week was a mail strike. haha So if you may have written me a letter and I have not written you back, its because of the strike. It is crazy. It reminds me of the garbage strike when we were in Italy. haha The CTM is beautiful. Its very very clean. They always have someone cleaning something in the building. However, it does not compare to the New Temple in Curitiba! Its beautiful. I went this morning and is sooo very nice. It was a great experience and can´t wait to go back. The weather has been off and on. Today its prefect temp and not a cloud in the sky. It seems like its not humid at all- it almost feels like Seattle. Actually, I guess its really hot in Rio according to everyone. Im so excited its so beautiful. Well I don´t have much time and i hope this makes sense, becuase my english is slowly getting worse as I´m learning portuguese. I love it we have been learning how to testify and Oração in portuguese. It has been a lot of fun. My companion is Elder Miller. He is from Arkansas. We have been getting a long pretty well. Alot of Elders are from Utah though. Its crazy. But my Braziledos companeros are way nice. There really cool. I love talking to them in portuguese- most of the time. ahha sometimes i just want to speak English to them. Eu sei que O Livro de Mormon e´ verdaderio, e Joseph Smith e um pofeta´de Deus. Eu sei que Thomas S. Monson e´nosso profeta´ hoje! Eu sei que Jesus Cristo e´meu salavador e sofreu por nossos pecados. Eu sei que

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