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From: Elder Jonathan Fischer
Tue 8/05/08 10:02 AM


This week has been amazing. I can´t believe that I have been here five weeks. Alright well let me get into the recap week of this week. On 8/1 I passed off my ´´Marco do Progresso´´ (Milestone) for the Primerio Lição Medio. (the first lesson) in portuguese. It is truly amazing how much the Lord blesses his servants with the language. Then 8/2 me and my companion taught our first lição at TRC. TRC is when you teach families in the CTM. It was crazy. Me and my companion actually only taught one person. He was really nice, but did not speak very much english. It was a great expereince. One cannot deny the truth of this Church, A Igreja de Jesus Cristo, por que o evangelho de Jesus Cristo é taught exactly the same everywhere, no matter if your in Brazil or the U.S. The man we taught truly had a testimony. I think he said that he joined the church about 14 years ago. His parents were members as well as his childeren. Or at least i think that is what he said in portugues; haha. The next highlight of my week was Sunday. Our sacrament meeting was really good. The spirit was so strong and was great to hear everyones testimonies. The CTM is truly a molding expereince. Eveyrone has their trials here and become morphed into what Jesus Cristo would like them to be, as long as they are putting in their effort. It is truly a blessing to be hear. Anyways, the serão (fireside) that night was amazing. It was the highlight of the day. It started with the most amazing prelude music. Every week we have the districts that are leaving sing and the districts that left today sang two songs. I don´t know the names of the songs but they were great. The first one was accapela. And then after the two songs, the Choir sang one of my favorite hymns---´´Til We Meet Again´´; J The speakers at the fireside were a stake president and his wife. They spoke on testimonies. It was really good, and I would like to share one of the stories he told as a missionary. He said he was teaching a family and they were all going to be baptized except one of the daugheters due to personal issues. So he told her that we would baptizer her even if she was his last baptism. He was later transferred from the area. Then towards the end of his mission he was talking with his mission president and asked if he could go back to that area and baptize her. He accpeted and he was trnafered over there. He went back and found the girl and said, ´´I´m back to baptize you´´ And she said, I have been waiting. ´´ What a wonderful story it was. God truly loves all of His childeren and knows each and everyone of us. The president then sang at the end of his talk. It was moving. He sang a song called, ´´My soul hunger´´´,---or at least i think that is what it is called. It was a great fireside and a terrficic sunday. However, My week continued to get even Better J. The next day, monday I was outside of the cafeteria with my district and I saw a group of people in the cafeteria. To my suprise, it was President Richardson!!! Justin and I ran inside and went to meet him. He was so happy to see me and I was so happy to so him. It was great to meet up with him. I rememeber before i left he told me that we might see each other, and im so glad we got to see eachother. He truly is a servant of the Lord and the missionaries in the São Paulo Sul missão are blessed. He said he met my mission president in Provo. He said he is awesome ( or something like that I don´t remeber what he said, but i remeber it was good). Well that was my week. And before i end i wanted to recap on today. It has been a really good day. Our district got to go to the São Paulo temple since we are now in our fifth week. The temple grounds are huge. There is a church building a store and it looked like two buidling that were about four stories each. The temple was not very big but ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Mom, I wish you could have been there. I have never seen anything like it. Seriously. I´m still in aw. It was a great experience;. We got to go with one of our teachers. It was kinda sad because this is his last week with us. And once we got back from the temple, we all went to a churrascaria (sp?) with our teacher. It was pretty good. I tried some chicken hearts J haha it was pretty good. I personally though Tucanos was better haha. O well. Brazil is amazing. Well that was the recap of my week. I look forward to your e-mails and I really like letters J They help me through the week, so thank you all for writing me!! Eu sei que famílias abêçoam nossas vidas e Eu amo minha família. Eu sei que Deus nos ama e nós somos seus filhos. Por, Deus é nosso Pai Celestial. Eu sei que porque Deus nos ama, Ele enviou sue filho Jesus Cristo para pagar por nossos pecados. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo é nosso salvador. Eu sei que, Joseph Smith foi o profetá de Deus. Eu sei que, Joseph Smith tranduzio O Livo De Mormon. Este Livro, é a palavra de Deus e eu sei que este é verdadeiro.

Love you all,

Boa Tarde,
Elder Fischer

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